Former Argus ‘content strategist’ becomes broadcaster at KSOO Radio

Remember this comment made in December of 2014 from Argus Leader editor/content strategist Patrick Lalley as he took aim at broadcast journalists, noting:

If you want free, go somewhere where they don’t do any reporting like our friends in the broadcast arts. OK, That’s not reporting. They’re way behind….

Those comments came here.

Fast forward a couple of years, and yet another round of firings at the Argus, and we have this announcement in a story titled Patrick Lalley launching new talk show on what interests you:

So I’m thrilled to join the Results Radio family as the host of a new afternoon show we’re launching on KSOO-AM.

The show will fill the 3 to 5 p.m. time slot on weekdays beginning June 19. My hope is to engage KSOO listeners with a variety of news, information and analysis.

Read that here.

How the mighty have fallen.

As Lalley takes the helm at KSOO, which in Spring of 2016 hit a low as Sioux Falls’ least listened to radio station, we’ll see if he has managed to learn any humility in the interim.

11 Replies to “Former Argus ‘content strategist’ becomes broadcaster at KSOO Radio”

    1. Anonymous

      I think the graduates of that “University” couldn’t get jobs after graduation and that is why it folded.

      I read the link to ratings posted, and I have to say I listen to WNAX more than KSOO and have for the past several years; I flip between WNAX and Mark Levin on my 5 o’clock drive, and I get a lot better information and commentary than I ever did with Knowitall Knobe.

      With the change of programming I don’t see me changing my listening pattern one iota.

  1. Daniel Buresh

    ahhh…I see you still support censorship. Good to see you lock in step with Trump’s commie bastards.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Daniel, you were banned because you got to the point you were abusive and fairly nasty to people you disagreed with. It’s a political blog, not a holy war, and that kind of negativity turns people off.

      As a private website designed for the entertainment of readers, I’m not sure why you have any assumption that I have any obligation to allow it any more or any less than a newspaper does in what they choose to publish as letters to the editor.

  2. jackrabit1

    I think it’s interesting that over the last five years or so, several long-time newspaper people have made the move to the “broadcast arts”. Dave Vilhauer went from the Aberdeen American News to Hub City Radio… Kevin Woster went from the Rapid City Journal to KELO-TV… and now this.

    Seems like the whole “broadcast arts” thing doesn’t seem to hold a lot of water.

  3. Paul Harvey

    Mr. Patrick “Liberal Lalley” won’t last a year on the air, and that’s the rest of the story.

  4. anon1

    Disappointed with Don Jacobs and his staff…. why would you give a loud-mouthed liberal, who couldn’t hold a job with a dying media, a second chance on a thriving media??

  5. Anonymous

    I am feeling the love here guys. Patrick is a good guy. Lets give him a chance.