Former Dem State Sen. Candidate attacks Dusty Johnson for compliment from African American Congressman.

You know, You’d think you had seen it all when it comes to how whacked out some ultra-liberal Democrats are. But former Aberdeen State Senate Democrat candidate Cory Heidelberger just launched a repulsive and racially charged attack against Congressman Dusty Johnson.

Why? Because Johnson received a compliment from an African-American Congressional colleague, Congressman Will Hurd citing Dusty as “trying to make the (Republican) party more diverse and inclusive.”  And apparently, making efforts at broadening the GOP’s appeal isn’t palatable for the extreme left, triggering them because of the color of Dusty’s skin:

Read it here.

When Congressman Dusty Johnson works to broaden the base of the Republican Party and is complimented for it, Democrats such as Cory Heidelberger are left frothing at the mouth, pointing fingers and quivering but you’re ‘very white’ and have ‘white privilege’ and orange man bad! 

This is why Democrats will continue to lose elections, especially in the midwest.  They want to divide people up into classes and categories. When to just about everyone else, the yardstick of progress is far more mundane, when we simply consider people neighbors and co-workers and ignore categories.

Dusty, keep on showing the world that the Republican Party is a big tent welcoming to all who seek freedom, believe in free enterprise, and value American exceptionalism.

And we’ll continue to leave the haters and racists in the dustbin of history.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

– Martin Luther King Jr., 28 August 1963

15 thoughts on “Former Dem State Sen. Candidate attacks Dusty Johnson for compliment from African American Congressman.”

  1. There are many out-of-state name-callers on Mr. H’s blog who are filled with naught but hate, and it probably oozes into Mr. H’s psyche a little bit unconsciously. I am sure he did not mean to be racist with the “very white” comment. Good gravy, can you imagine if somebody said a fellow was “very Asian?”

    1. It’s ironic because if Dusty would have really wanted the GOP to be more diverse he would have let Krebs win.

      But she was as nuts as Tapio.

    2. Why do those that live in South Dakota that comment on that blog always get attacked and called names by those out of state name callers? They slam our good state all the time. Now we are too white? This Heidelberger guy is not going to get elected to anything except peeling potatoes at a community meal.

  2. every time a snowflake is triggered, two things happen. first the snowflake laughs at the notion, and tells you what their reaction really means, and second, an angel gets their wings.

  3. Enquirer, I was going to comment but I instead want to point back to your extremely clever response. Kudos.

  4. Dusty, quit getting in the way of the Democrat race-baiting narrative. Shame on you. Only white limousine liberals get to be pro-racial equality, although I love the Doonesbury cartoon that adds the caveat – so long as they don’t have to live with them

    1. I get a big kick whenever I see Mr. H pedaling furiously around Aberdeen on his bike with the big basket attached. Nothing ever appears to be filling it but maybe Mr. H is delivering his political promises of deliverance from those pesky Conservatives Aberdeen has become full of. Spreading the cold air, yes.
      Oh and Lee wouldn’t it be Charolais Liberals?
      Limousine are Brown. LOL

  5. – Will Hurd is in a better position (as a coworker) to observe Dusty’s actions.
    – Will Hurd is in a better position (as a POC) to understand what actions would help foster inclusion.

    Despite that fact, Cory demands “proof” because he can’t bring himself to accept a POC expert testimonial, especially when that testimonial doesn’t fit Cory’s narrative.

  6. Isn’t this the same guy who still hasn’t apologized for the sexist remarks he posted on his blog? And he says republicans are the racist, sexists?? Unbelievable.

  7. What Nancy was addressing was Cory’s gang of white-haters’ jokes including this:
    “Dusty Johnson is so white he has to wear dark colored clothing or he looks naked.”
    Cory’s use of “white privilege” in defense of his racism is a very blatant lie, that falsely encourages diversity. The last characteristic of Cory’s blog that rings true would be diverse. Cory uses fascist tactics to implement his cultural Neo-Marxism. The purpose is to divide and conquer America so that the one-world system can then be established by the global establishment. And they are who Dusty works for, not those “who seek freedom, believe in free enterprise, and value American exceptionalism”.
    It is impossible to explain to Cory that he is carrying water for the real Anglo-Saxon white supremacists (research John Ruskin and Cecil Rhodes), who have for centuries been trying to take back what they lost during the American Revolution. Doing so will get you banned from Cory’s so-called diverse blog that promotes freedom of speech.
    As Carroll Quigley pointed out, both political parties are controlled by the same global Anglo-American Establishment. So it doesn’t matter who wins between Cory and Dusty, because their puppet strings are controlled by the same global establishment.

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