Former Democrat Candidate winning friends and influencing people

I see the liberal left is winning friends and influencing people at the Brown County Fair, as Democrat Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger, who is still in mourning over losing to Al Novstrup this last election, apparently got into it with someone at the fair:

Does it serve a purpose to get in people’s faces and antagonize them to the point of a near shouting match at the fair?  Not really. (But don’t tell Cory, he’s doing a great job of helping Republicans win elections).

31 Replies to “Former Democrat Candidate winning friends and influencing people”

  1. Anonymous

    Did Hamburglar ever comment on the fact that Barack Insane Obummer lied all the time or did that fact escape his so-called mind?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I can’t tell. He’s probably still trying to prove that you can keep your doctor.

        1. Anonymous

          Yes, when Saddam used them on the Kurds. But then you probably didn’t believe that happened, just like ‘the holocaust didn’t happen’.

          1. Emoluments Clause

            But that was pre March of 2003, wasn’t it? And didn’t the West give Saddam those particular WMDs back in the 1980s during his struggle with Iran?

            Oh, and the holocaust did happen, but there are some Republicans who must not think it did, however….

            1. Fled to Red

              …And didn’t the West give Saddam those particular WMDs back in the 1980s during his struggle with Iran?…

              So did he have them or not? Make up your mind.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. He should turn his frown upside down.

  2. KM

    Didn’t Corey also get into it with a group listening to a speaker about the refugee issues? Some senior citizens chased him out of the room if I remember correctly. Seems fitting, got to keep that reputation of being an antagonizer. Have some self-control & walk away.

  3. Brian Liss

    Cory Heidelberger lied about me quite frequently and aggressively. Cory is an amazingly cruel hypocrite.

    1. Fred Deutsch

      Brian, I look at it this way: part of the reality of public service is dealing with people that are rude or “personally” insulting.

      Cory writes a blog for people that sometime communicate in that manner. He and his friends frequently attack me. The good news is God made me with thick skin, and a passionate heart to fight for conservative principles.

      I think you are in good company.

  4. grudznick

    Now, now. I have never met Mr. H in person but I find it hard to believe this meek little former teacher is all teeth and claw and “up in your face” like people make him out to be. He seems a reasonable and generally swell sort, with a pretty good haircut most of the time, and I suspect he is just often misunderstood. That said, if they ban him from the fair for yelling at people like Mr. Nelson got banned from the caucuses or for digging through papers on other people’s desks I will have to recant all my words.

    1. Tim Higgins

      Grud, why do you suppose he is a former teacher? He was fired from Madison Central his alma, on the spot. That does not happen to nice people.

  5. Benz

    Liberals are consumed with their hate…many examples…fill in the blanks…who started this hate ?…fill in the blanks…

  6. Anonymous

    Free Sibby! Steve Sibson needs to be free to post over at Dakota Unfree Press and talk to sense into them again. They need diverse discussion over there.

  7. Tim Higgins

    He lost a school board election for a seat in Madison. This by the way after he was fired by the school district