Former GOP candidate killed in Sioux Falls

For those who remember Tracy Saboe, who was a District 15 State Senate candidate in 2008, he was killed in Sioux Falls by an intruder who has been arrested for several attacks.

Alton Ray Bear, 45, shot and killed Tracy Saboe, 40, at 800 N. Prairie Avenue thinking the home belonged to another man, police Capt. Michael Colwill said. Saboe and Bear had a short altercation, and Bear shot him once in the head, Colwill said.


Saboe had political aspirations in 2008, when he ran for the South Dakota State Senate as a Republican in the heavily Democratic District 15, which encompasses northern Sioux Falls. He lost to Democratic incumbent Kathy Miles.

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7 Replies to “Former GOP candidate killed in Sioux Falls”

  1. Gideon Oakes

    Prayers for Tracy’s family and all those who knew him. He was a good man and a stalwart defender of Liberty. The world is a darker place today without him. Such a senseless act of violence. So many shattered lives. May this serve as another reminder to hold our loved ones a little tighter tonight, and to always strive to be like Tracy, whose personal mission was to bring light and freedom to the world. RIP, good sir.

  2. Judge Roy Bean

    Tell me how a guy with this long of a criminal record is able to be on the street and not already be behind bars?
    Who are the judges that let him beat the system?
    Angela, will you please do an in depth story on who let him walk free? I don’t get it.

  3. Anonymous

    Daugaard will likely skip the funeral, as he did the School Board meetings where teachers were fired as a result of House Bill 1234. Probably the most liberal governor in the history of South Dakota. Elections certainly have consequences.

    1. Anonymous

      Why would Haugaard be expected to attend? Did the former Gov. know him? That comment is really in bad taste. Why would you use someone’s death to further an agenda?


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