Former legislator Lora Hubbel contemplating run for US Senate. Maybe we need more debates about brain eating nanobots.

Hot off the “QAnon conspiracy press” this AM.

Now that she’s irretrievably broken the South Dakota Constitution Party, former 1-term State Legislator Lora Hubbel has been looking for new challenges. And according to the “Primary John Thune in 2022” facebook group, it looks like Lora must be getting bored with vaccination conspiracy theories and is telling anyone interested that she’s contemplating bringing her brand of wackiness to the 2022 US Senate Race:

Actually, a Lora Hubbel race opens up all sorts of possibilities for the candidates to discuss things that are never spoken of in US Senate races.

Imagine a Senate race where the candidates wouldn’t talk about the federal deficit… but how pharmaceuticals are actually sorcery…

And instead of national defense, they can debate Lora’s belief that America should have aided Israel in bombing Auschwitz in WWII:

“Being that America did NOT support Israel when they asked for bombers to help them destroy Auschwitz and hence we suffered for ignoring them (the Bible says that as a nation does to Israel, so God will do to them, and we suffered in Vietnam that same amount of years as months that we ignored Israel – maybe a coinsidence but may be not)… and similarly Ron Paul would not actively support Israel, I can’t support him. And Ron Paul does not acknowledge that Pharmachia and sorcery are the same in the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek and are WRONG (and i believe are a gateway to hell) I cannot support him… though he would be good as the Sec of Treasury!”  (Lora Hubbel Facebook 3/3/2012)

Read that here.

Nevermind that Israel didn’t exist at the time, but details like that have never bothered South Dakota’s queen of conspiracy theories.

And for people following the US Senate race, maybe we might want to know what the federal government is doing about brain eating nanobots being put in vaccines:

I can’t say that brain eating nanobots have ever come up in a US Senate debate, and maybe – just maybe – we need someone willing to take on the issues that we didn’t know we should be concerned about.

At the very least, I guarantee it would provide me with plenty of material to mock… er, write about.  Plenty of material to write about.

15 thoughts on “Former legislator Lora Hubbel contemplating run for US Senate. Maybe we need more debates about brain eating nanobots.”

  1. The Hubbelcraft has been fueled and ready to take off for some time but has had no destination. Now it can really get launched. Powered by reusable third party boosters from both East & West River there’s no limit to the toxic contrails it can generate.

    1. Do you happen to have a John Dale Decoder Ring so I can figure out what he is talking about?

      1. Step 1: Find event whose outcome or process you don’t like
        Step 2: Find reasonable, evidence based explanation for it
        Step 3: Reject that explanation
        Step 4: ?????????
        Step 5: Profit

        1. Profit you say?

          I fixed it:

          Step 1: Find event whose outcomes has dubious precursors
          Step 2: Don’t ignore the people who tell you not to ask the questions, take down their names
          Step 3: Follow the evidence (use that B.A. in Philosophy, John!)
          Step 4: Report the evidence
          Step 5: Try to deflect attacks from the neo-wings of both parties, who are actually the third party

  2. We look forward to competing with our friend and fellow SDGOP Tin Foil Hat (TFL) Caucus member Lora Hubbel for our official caucus endorsement for US Senate.

  3. Republican, Independent, Constitution, Libertarian party member Hubbel now wants to be True Republican and enter a Republican primary?

    Think about that for a second.

    She is just an opportunist and not a very good one of those either.

  4. Tapio must be ecstatic. He can stop recruiting now. Between Whalen and Hubbel he has a couple of options.

  5. They were considering Mary Hart to run for senate over the weekend. Nothing like a 72 year old Beverly Hills millionaire with two mansions in Montana to best represent SD.

    It’s not going to matter. Looks more and more like Trump is going to stay out of the race no matter who they come up with.

  6. It’s funny how worked up they got over PP posting some screenshots from their page. As if half the staffers from Thune, Rounds and Dusty aren’t already on there.

    And nothing says “let’s build a groundswell of support” by creating a PRIVATE Facebook page. Genius. What are they afraid of – people finding out how crazy they are?

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