Former Lt. Gov notes support of Gov’s position on Women’s Sports

From the Argus Leader, former Lt. Governor Steve Kirby wrote in support of Gov’s position on Women’s Sports this legislative session:

Governor Noem has a tough job, but once again she has shown wisdom in the face of pressure. Like most South Dakotans, I agree with Governor Noem that only girls should play girls sports, but I know there are strong feelings on all sides of this issue.

Facing tremendous pressure, Governor Noem has charted a course that will protect fairness in women’s sports, while also avoiding costly and unnecessary litigation. This is a South Dakota solution, not a national litigation strategy. I’ve known Kristi for years, and this is what I have grown to expect – a balanced, well-considered approach.

That’s exactly what we should expect from a leader.

Steve Kirby, Sioux Falls

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9 thoughts on “Former Lt. Gov notes support of Gov’s position on Women’s Sports”

  1. There is also strong feelings on all sides of the abortion issue. Does that mean we should be afraid to pass abortion restrictions as well? Because as soon as we do there will be litigation. I’m tired of these Republicans who are afraid of their own shadow

    1. It is not being afraid. It is recognizing what is able to be done. I have seen abortion laws defeated because they were written too strictly to be able to pass. Many conservatives will not take a bite out of an apple pie and insist upon the entire pie or nothing. This women in sports situation is similar. Pass a law almost certain to be struck down or pass one that can get by the judges?

  2. S. Kirby writes: “a balanced, well-considered approach”?

    All of this fuss and all of this division… for what? A ghost? A problem that does not exist. We’ve had one case in six years. And there is a system already in place to handle the situation.

    Not balanced. Not well-considered. But who you gonna call when it’s running through your head? Kristi – Ghost Buster.

  3. Maybe what we need to do is pass a law that states a minimum of 10% of any JR high or high school or college sports team MUST be comprised of the opposite sex. Any Sex all sexes!! Along with that every public and private board operating in the State along with corporate boards, church boards, civic boards, legislative leadership boards etc. Go all in on on the road to sexual fruition so to speak.

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