Former “Press Person” for Corinna Robinson now fighting for Dr. Boz.

So, I find out today that a one-time self-styled “Press Person” for Corinna Robinson (and I use that very, very loosely) is now fighting for Dr. Boz?

As the admin of a newsy blogsite, one of the things you’re forced to deal with from time to time are people of questionable motives who might think in they’re own minds that they’re quite reasonable, but actually come off to the world at large as nutty web site trolls who serve no purpose.

Case in point are the people from Florida or Georgia or wherever who last year decided to call a countrywide boycott of the SDWC, including a request of one of the people on the Kardashian TV show to boycott this web site (Hilariously, they declined,) after I had the audacity to question why they were sending out press releases for the ill-fated Corinna Robinson campaign.

Fast forward to this morning. After a link from the Bosworth ally with the twitter handle @dakotafreepress tagged me with the following tweet,

I was obligated to take a look, which, took me back to the land of the trolls, and back down the rabbithole, where these out-of-staters are back on the attack in South Dakota, this time against someone else in defense of Annette Bosworth. Here’s the latest passage:

Since 2013, Heidelberger has spent a large part of his time stalking Bosworth’s social media pages, posting stolen items from her office to use against her on his blog and even attacked her children online, encouraging deplorable behavior that has labeled him a Hate Blogger. But for all the things that have been said about him, stupid is definitely not one of them.

In 1989, Heidelberger was the recipient of the Presidential Scholar Award, given each year to just one male and one female graduating senior per state. According to his cousin Aaron, Heidelberger was given a big scholarship to Harvard after earning a near perfect score on the ACT. And, he did attend, briefly. After spending just the fall semester at what is arguably the most prestigious schools in the nation, Heidelberger abruptly left.

He has never spoken about Harvard, nor was he comfortable with his entry in the 1989 Presidential Scholar Yearbook.

I’m not endorsing the accuracy of anything written there, but you can read it if you want. (And you probably don’t want to.)

And there are other pronouncements, such as takedown demands from Heidelberger, more posts how the Floridians are “taking down one hate blogger,” referring to their blind support of Annette Bosworth, and lifting entire blogposts from sites including the SDWC, erroneously referring to a press release from the AG’s office as “an ad,” (because I put a colorful header on it), calls for Marty Jackley to resign, and other silliness in a month long campaign in support of Dr. Bosworth who was recently given a felony conviction for her petition violations.

So, with Corinna Robinson’s loss to Kristi Noem and subsequent evaporation from the South Dakota political scene, these out-of-staters have abandoned Robonson, and taken up the flag of Annette Bosworth?

With that, I’ve probably given it more time than any of it is worth.  And as I’ve said more than once, I can’t wait for the circus to be over.

Update… because I can’t help but dig in.

So, regarding the twitter account that was pushing the story? The @DakotaFreePress twitter account, which appeared in June and claims to be South Dakota related is tied to the website that was created in March, but seems to have backdated articles to earlier.

But what grabbed me is that the first thing that they retweeted was some of the silliness that I’m talking about above.


Even more curious, the same (or related) person or people have created another twitter account aping the SDWC name with the same content as on the @dakotafreepress twitter account. In fact, the first post was the exact same re-tweet as the twitter account pushing this story has. On the same day.

Which seems to indicate that the anonymous web site and anonymous twitter account would be working in conjunction with the out-of-state internet trolls, if it isn’t they themselves.

An even bigger reason to just ignore the whole mess.

56 thoughts on “Former “Press Person” for Corinna Robinson now fighting for Dr. Boz.”

  1. I find it very difficult to feel or express much concern for Heildelberger as someone does to him what he routinely does to his opponents, real & imagined.

    While I do not revel in the expose’ of his many failings, it is surprising to appreciate just how little he’s learned over the years about his bullying and boorish behaviors…

    and that’s just not very smart of him.

    One can hope & pray that his child may soften his hard heart , enlighten his intolerant mind, and fill him with the joy that he obviously has been searching for over these many years.

    1. So Cory used bad language with an obnoxious high school student fifteen years ago, raised his voice in a public library six years ago, and at some point provided an updated bio for the Presidential Scholar yearbook.

      How have the rest of his 16,000 days gone?

      1. Well Cory, let’s just say, you haven’t made the world a better place just by being here.

        1. The comment you’re answering was mine, and I’m not Cory. I’m not even a left-leaning atheist. I’m just someone who thinks it’s dishonest to try to define another person based on fifteen minutes of his life.

          1. Ahhh…good question “not Cory.” Perhaps you can pose that question to yourself/not Cory. Reducing verbal abuse that has carried over into a blog that now legitimizes terrorizing people is unfortunate.

              1. She is quite the opposite and we are indebted to her for bringing us the story. And Harvard, was it your temper?

                1. marty I’ve noticed you have referred to yourself as “we” and “us” a few times. How many personalities do you have? 1000? hmmm! looks to be very similar to the 1000 girlfriends claimed.

              2. No she’s not. Just because she is very intelligent and not from SD does not make her unbecoming.

      2. His other 16,000 days are well documented on his blog.

        His anti-Christian bigotry, meanness, bitterness, racism, and retaliatory “expose’s” are there for all to read. He feeds his underwear-clad balding white guy readers/disciples the red meat that they chow down upon. And his commenters are allowed to rant, libel, lie, belittle, and spew the hate-filled garbage that Heildelberger himself believes, but thinks himself too smart to put in writing. A while back he targeted a mother who wanted to raise some funds to attend the execution in SD of her young CHILD’S MURDERER!!! Being an opponent of the death penalty, he felt his questioning her motives was appropriate and high-minded. What a sick-o.

        All the while, he lives off the kind Christians who support his wife’s ministry. Yes, how humiliating it must be for his wife to seek donations from those Christians in the Aberdeen area who are the targets of her husband’s anti-Christian vitriol.

        In other words, it’s not just a few days–for Heildelberger, it’s a crusade of coarseness EVERY DAY.

        As I said, the is some kind of cosmic justice (karma?) in Heidlelberg being the subject of the same treatment that he dishes out. One would have thought that he would have learned by now, but one clear indicator of a closed mind is the inability to learn from ones mistakes. And he just ain’t that smart.

    1. Why, Mr. Anonymous person masking their identity with an out-of-country anonymizer?

      Building a dossier to poke at me when you’re done with dipstick?

      1. On the contrary, we have a bet going on how soon Heidelberger uses it against you.

      2. Given the uncanny resemblance of some players in this drama to the Dr. Evil meme and the icon cult status achieved by the Austin Powers franchise – shouldn’t the term out-of-country anonymizer be issued with use of “air quotes” ?

    1. Wow! I mean, just wow! Just when I think Dr. Boz can’t go any deeper, she gets some one to help her dig deeper and faster than ever.

    2. Kathy Scott has always been very angry. Just another internet bully. I can’t understand Kathy and Tara Volesky’s war against women! You would think they would support either Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina since we need to put a woman in the White House and get more female candidates elected but all I see are Bernie Sanders this and Bernie Sanders that. Oh dear! This is just terrible!

      1. I would not support Hillary Clinton because she is an establishment elite.

  2. MC,

    Yep. You gotta be Marty Jackley as he is the only one who thinks Annette is goofy.

    Except of course the 70,000 other South Dakotas who voted against her in the Senate primary.

    1. Troy,
      Sad is more like it.
      If you do something and it backfires, don’t do it again, and again and yet again. I know about try, try and try again. but this is just … Sad. It is almost like a train wreck, I know I should look away.

  3. It’s a sad and strange day when someone comes along who makes Cory look like the reputable one in their p*ssing match.

    1. Cory is the one that started it. Annette did nothing different than hundreds of people that have done the same thing. Read Rod Hall’s letter to the editor that should be coming out in the Argus Leader. He explains, that this is common practice that has been going on for many years. He should know, he is a former state Senator and School Board member……… out Rod, you just might be going to jail.

  4. So we got Annette Bosworth, Kathy Scott, this Devon dude from dakotafreeprezz, Chad, Tara, Lori Stacey, Lora Hubbel, Gordy, Gaddy robot bees, chemtrails, Fema camps, feds waiting to take guns away at the border, a pair of Florida and Georgia democrats boycotting SDWC. What else? fake lunar landing, Elvis and Hitler are still alive at secret locations? anything else?

    When is sentencing?

  5. I saw Elvis at Walmart yesterday. He had a Boz petition 🙂

    But, when it comes to silver-linings, Boz’s folks have now made some small degree of peace between PP and Cory, and that’s a good thing.

    1. How do you feel about a great Dr and mother of 3 boys who will be the first person going to prison for some so-called petition violations. When is Steve Hickey going to be served. Hey, did you check my school board petitions yet???? This is nothing more than to scare people from running for office. There is a reason why this state does not grow and we lose so many talented people.

  6. Three questions keep bubbling up:
    When is Dr Boz. going to disappear from the news?
    When is her husband going to be charged with fraud?
    Will she keep the Dr. in front of her name?

    1. Being in the news, being on television, being the center of attention regardless of the kind it is like a narcotic for some people and they say anything, do anything, and throw anyone under the bus (RV) to be the center of attention again.

      If it were me investigating fraud, I would keep the investigation under wraps until I was 100% ready before arresting anyone. This still might be coming.

      I get it, she has worked so hard for the title, Dr., however if she is unable to practice medicine, or somehow lost her credentials then she should remove her title, just as a matter of principal

      1. Do you really believe that? Wow…….Have you no compassion or empathy. Put yourself or your spouse in her position.

        1. I’ll give her kudos for standing up for what she believes.

          That does not mean that what I think what is happening is right.

          1. I compare what she did to jaywalking. Everybody knows she didn’t intentionally sign those 6 petitions. The opening statements stated that. She had hundreds more signatures than she needed so you would have thought her election attorney would have given her the correct legal advice.

      2. MC you bring up three valid points. All highly perceived by most of us to be correct. What bothers the normal person isn’t so much the crime as the obvious objection by the perp to acknowledge wrongdoing. Judges and juries look for that in every case yielding leniency occasionaly.

        I’ve seen people claim ignorance and damn near get away with murder but claiming innocence and calling the prosecutor ignorant is a new chapter that probably won’t read well.

        1. Charlie, Bosworth is not the issue, but her trial has brought up several points.Constitutionalists take issue with your legislature. For instance, the practice of allowing the Attorney General to sponsor your bills is counter to the checks and balances. Second, 22-11-28.1 was not intended to be used for all documents, etc. Instead it was created during the era when individuals and groups were placing illegal liens on homes in order to secure them. If you could provide the date your legislature deleted the word, we would appreciate it. If it was the AG who did it, it is unconstitutional. Lastly, Bosworth’s one petition signer admitted to forging signatures and was given immunity. Even if you despise Bosworth, the way she was taken down is an embarrassment to your state and as a legislator your only job is to protect the people.

  7. Actually, Charlie, there are even more questions.
    Is it appropriate for a member of the legislature to comment?
    Why is a principal at Orion openly commenting?
    Why negate the kid who was openly berated by Heidelberger?
    Will you all agree to go on camera for a national story?

      1. News producer/documentary. This story is of interest to us for several reasons, but most certainly to understand the dynamics. You, to your credit, allow all posts which allows us to reach this small group. It’s also interesting to us that you have been the only one that has held Heidelberger’s feet to the fire – posting stolen calendars, etc. Major news networks have left many questions unanswered. Our focus is on media and blogs and who and how they have driven the Bosworth story.

        1. I suppose anything is possible.

          yet Pat is honest about who he is
          The Honorable Representative Hoffman is honest about who he is
          I am honest about who I am
          even Cory is honest *cough* about who he is.

          So why hide behind a third party overseas server

          as far a appearing on camera for a national news story, I would say ‘yes’ provided it is a legitimate news organization.

  8. A lot of McCarthyism going on in the comments section today. Actually kind of enjoyable to watch.

    1. I saw a lot of McCarthyism on my TV this morning–something about taking down a flag and large retailers not selling it anymore.

      Is that what you mean?


        -Dakotawarcollege, 2015

          1. So, that’s why you’re trolling the comment section, & harassing commenters? Not buying it.

            1. You don’t have to buy it. I don’t care if you buy it. No one has to buy it. If you don’t buy it, why would think that I care to be informed that you don’t buy it? What makes you think that your “buying it” is important to anyone? No one cares if you buy it or not.

              Harassing? Really?

              BTW, who are YOU??? Are you Bill Cosby? Why hide your identity?

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