Former Rapid City Dem candidate trying to blame Donald Trump for Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer shooter? 

Predictably, calls for unity didn’t last long. 

On the Argus Leader website, Rapid City (District 32) Democrat State Senate candidate David Hubbard is in the newspaper actually trying to blame Republicans and Donald Trump for the Bernie Sanders campaign worker who attempted to murder several Congressman in Washington DC:

Republicans who blame Democrats for the recent [Republican Congressional baseball practice] shooting are deflecting blame. Conservatives cut funding to aid the mentally ill, while simultaneously allowing them to purchase firearms.

This issue is divisiveness caused by people like the President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers with their inability to crack down on lawlessness by their own supporters. Hate crimes have risen.

It’s time for those who openly call for violence against others (i.e. President Trump) to take responsibility for their hate-filled rhetoric. Do not place all the blame on liberals or Democrats, conservatives and Republicans have been openly calling for violence since Trump became their candidate.

While I renounce the attack, I have to ask, “Trump, what the hell do you think was going to happen?” Isn’t this exactly what he has been calling for? Violence?

Read that here.

This issue is divisiveness caused by people like the President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers?” 

Wow.  Former candidate Hubbard is doing some serious acrobatics to try to somehow shift blame to Republicans for the action of the shooter, and manufacture a claim that “conservatives and Republicans have been openly calling for violence since Trump became their candidate.

Maybe that’s the exact kind of hate which is the problem that started it all in the first place.

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  1. KM

    Typical. We know what bubble Former Hubbard lives in: MSNBC, CNN, CBS (Scott Pelley), NYT, Huffpo and on-and-on we go.

      1. KM

        Hubbard – If you visited this blog often enough, you would know your statement is incorrect. MSM distracts us from what is actual truth, even Keloland doesn’t do us any justice. I personally like to watch gov’t hearings; Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn are some of my favorites.

  2. Troy Jones

    By the way, when this wacko says “Republicans who blame Democrats”, who specifically in a leadership/prominent position is the GOP did such a thing?

    Also, does this nut job (who sounds kinda “shooterish” since wackjobs seem incapable of identifying when something is done by another wackjob) need a list of leadership/prominent Democrats who blamed the GOP for Rep. Giffords being shot.

  3. Anonymous

    I suppose this buffoon voted for Obama, the guy who was very helpful in driving the division between the races (yes, he did).

    Again, it’s a Democrat who requires the government to step in; where was this guy’s family when he was posting idiocy? where was anyone who saw what this guy was about? There are just going to be lunatics on both sides, so try to accept that Bernie didn’t help matters either. You know Bernie Sanders, Dave? The one who get dehydrated every time he gives a speech because is spitting while he spews hatred and revolution? Yeah, that’s the old socialist. Is it all coming into perspective now?

  4. Troy Jones

    C. Ermle,

    There isn’t an ounce of truth that any public policy is responsible for this nut job shooting Republican Congressman. If there is, name it specifically on what in any way shifts responsibility from this person to Republicans. If you can’t name it, you are intellectually and morally on the level of Cory Heidelberger and Nancy Pelosi and fit to be ignored.

    1. David Hubbard

      See all of Trumps hate-filled rhetoric on the campaign trail and still today. Trump is not the great unifier. In fact, he helps split us all apart.

  5. David Hubbard

    It isn’t acrobatics. It is simply the truth. Look back at the Trump campaign and the hate-filled rhetoric he spewed. Look how he bullied the other candidates.

    I stand by what I say. It seems to me many Conservatives are the ones spreading hate. Not excluding this website.

    David Hubbard

    1. Anonymous

      What an evil human being for saying such things. I think I know who is spewing hate here.

      1. David Hubbard

        Yet you are saying I am evil and read from a blog called Dakota “War” College. You do not even have the courage to sign your comment. Go right ahead and think I am the evil one, rather than the shooter or a President who is a bully.

  6. KM

    Hubbard – You sir should be a leader and bring Americans together, but no, you and your fellow Democrats continue to divide us. Please, give a name of a conservative that has retaliated against the left in the manner as which this sad excuse for a man did. “Conservatives are the ones spreading hate.”…Really? Kathy Griffin, BLM – DeRay Mckesson, Rep. Warren, Rep Waters, SPLC, CNN, Johnny Depp, 3rd wave Feminists, Rosie O’Donnell shall I continue? Donald Trump is our POTUS, you should show some respect, we all did when dealing with 8yrs of Obama.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        David would you agree that all sides are to blame and it is hurting our country? I am really worried about this and we need to learn from this going forward.

        Trump supporters were attacked going to the Minneapolis Convention Center for a rally
        Trump supporters had peacefully gathered at the Minnesota state capitol saying the pledge of allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer when they were attacked mostly by ANTIFA whatever they are.

        In greater Minnesota a female DFL legislative candidate walking a parade in the Bemidji area had rocks thrown at her and at a separate parade another county DFL supporter walking the parade was spit on. Many DFL voters did not put signs out or show anything publically in Greater Minnesota being concerned about vandalism last year.

        People on all sides are afraid to get involved or be candidates in the future.

        Some of these talk radio shows and other media just fan the flames.

        We have to work together and remind ourselves we are Americans first! Back in January I reached out and attended a MNGOP county unit meeting talking about joint efforts on civility and they were great and invited me to join and get into a leadership position. We agreed on many things and it showed just how much we have in common rather than differences. I approached the local radio station about a call in show that would be very positive with representatives from both sides and attempt to start somewhere to turn this toxic polarization around. There are all kinds of positive things we can do.

        1. David Hubbard

          I think hate begets hate. There have been plenty of people on both sides hurt by Trumps acceptance and advocation of hatred and violence.

          As a President, he should stand above the Frey, not encourage it.

        2. David Hubbard

          Also, I am not afraid of politics. Mainly because I am running to serve the people, not my own interests. I plan to run for office again because it seems better people are not standing up.

          We need to return government to one run of, for, and by the People.

          1. KDL

            Running again? Better save this letter to the editor. It will be perfect to show the character of this man. Just another Republican hating Democrat, no different than the antifa protesters.

      2. KM

        Hubbard – Typical, divert. Do you have a name of a conservative who has attempted to kill ppl because they were triggered by other’s words? How about a Tea Party member, that will broaden the Google search for you.

        1. Miranda Gohn


          Does it really matter? Things are happening in our country as a result of political rhetoric on both sides that should not be happening.

          Remember that female DFL candidate that had rocks thrown at her while she walked a parade in rural Minnesota? I was shocked to read that it happened. That happened before ANTIFA started their attacks on Trump supporters in MN.

          Some guy in Kansas outside a bar shoots and kills a Garmin engineer yelling “Get out of my country” thinking they were from the Middle East and were actually from India. I have no idea if the guy was a conservative.

          At some point in time we need to tune out all this media whose job it is to get us all fired up and divide us, to distract us, sell advertising, make money and could care less what the negative consequences are. Even some of those hearings in Washington can be for show. We need to talk to each other as neighbors again and just work things out.

        2. David Hubbard

          I tried posting several articles regarding this, but it seem the DakotaWarCollege blogger deleted them.

          Conservatives have committed many hate crimes since they have been emboldened by Trump. Do not pretend their hands are clean.

          Do a Google search and enlighten yourself to the reality of the situation.

          1. Pat Powers Post author

            That is a false statement. If you try posting any more than one link at a time, the system considers it spam.

            -the editor

          2. KM

            Hubbard – You’re doing it again, diverting from the question. There are certainly hate crimes on both sides. I asked for a name/incident, you cannot provide one and you know it.

            P.S. CNN & the NYT are not credible sources, do you pay attention?

          1. Miranda Gohn

            Hey David,

            Thank you for stepping forward running in the past and being involved as you have been these past years! Airborne cool! I was and am probably still listed as a DFL Alternate Delegate in MN but am back here in SD now.

            A risk you make by calling out one side is that they immediately get defensive and it shuts down the conversation and the ball no longer moves forward for both sides. I hope we can all learn from what has happened and make a course correction. What happened in 2016 I feel has been building for years and it showed a failure by both of the two major parties since voters wanted a radical change.

            1. David Hubbard

              I honestly considered creating a new party in South Dakota, and perhaps the United States. I feel both parties have failed constituents in many ways.

              The reason I decided to run as a Democrat is because the position of the South Dakota Democratic Party mirrors my own in many ways.

              I have found their platform to be one of the most progressive in the United States. You should take a time to review it on the SDDP website.

              I hope we can all work together to make South Dakota and the United States a better place for all of us.

    1. Clara Hart

      I agree with you, Miranda Gohn. I thought Mr. Troy was a noble and a concrete thinker. Mr. KM do you not have a real name that you can use in a public forum such as this? We are adults here and we should act as such. I am sad to read childish and hateful blame game.

      1. KM

        Hart – If you visited this blog enough you would know I’m a woman. Would you like my name so you can get my address & phone #? I have kids & will not risk their safety, as Mr. Hubbard reminds us our words can cause ppl to attempt to kill us. “I am sad to read childish and hateful blame game.”….That dear, is your problem. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  7. Miranda Gohn

    I talked to teachers and some of the kids in schools are even worse by acting out. We have to correct this and set examples for the future for the sake of a healthy political system that actually works for the people and encourages participation and be respectful of different ideas. We need those different ideas and innovation moving forward.