Former Sioux Falls Mayor Gary Hanson supporting candidate for Sioux Falls City Council, Dr. Tamera Enalls-Fenner

The April City Council & School races are heading towards a critical mass, where people are lining up behind their candidates.

Recently in the Sioux Falls City Council, outgoing councilman Kermit Staggers has publicly thrown his support behind Theresa Stehly to serve as his replacement for at-large council member.

Perhaps more quietly, but much more importantly, current Public Utilities Commission member and former Sioux Falls Mayor Gary Hanson has chosen to lend his support to a candidate himself, Dr. Tamera Enalls-Fenner, who is a first-time candidate for public office.

As appears on her facebook page and her website:


Gary Hanson

I met a terrific gal last month who is intelligent, personable, sensible, and courageous so I volunteered to help her with her campaign for Sioux Falls City Council.Dr. Tamera Enalls-Fenner has the background and backbone that we need in government.

I hope you will join me in supporting Tamera for City Council.


Dr. Tamera Enalls-Fenner

During the many years I have served in office, including as Mayor of Sioux Falls, I have met few people who I believe have the ability to articulate a message that will transcend multiple boundaries, bring our citizens together and help end the disgusting prevalent discourse of national polarization and animosity. Tamera is the full package. She is also focused on; health and safety of our city, preventing crime, decreasing the challenges of transportation, disrepair of streets, easing the burden of city and state regulations, and strengthening our region’s economy.

We all want good government and occasionally we are disappointed with the results of an election. However, our government is only as good as the people we elect. Help elect a really great person to the City Council. Tamera is running for the NE District Council Seat but she will be making decisions affecting the entire city. Let’s make an investment in the quality of our government that will provide a long term return.

Gary Hanson

Hanson is arguably the highest level “get” for any of the Sioux Falls City Council candidates to date, and in a few weeks, we’ll get to see how that plays out for this up and coming candidate.

2 Replies to “Former Sioux Falls Mayor Gary Hanson supporting candidate for Sioux Falls City Council, Dr. Tamera Enalls-Fenner”

  1. Anonymous

    Any chance Hanson runs for Mayor again? He’d be strong and he’s nearing the end of his PUC days.