Former St. Rep Lora Hubbel claims Bosworth supports Obamacare, threatens to enter race.

A commenter recently was accusing me of being tough on Dr. Bosworth for some made up reason or another, as opposed to what I actually do, which is examining what this new and unknown political dabbler brings to the table (good and bad) as a possible Republican candidate.

Let’s face it, calling Che Guevara ‘your beacon,’ having your husband disseminate falsehoods about a catholic organization, getting spanked by your profession, and going to DC after your house is sold in a Sheriff’s sale are not things that are going to rally your fellow Republicans to promote you as a candidate.

And let’s not forget her husband & philantropic partner’s statement that was cited today at Madville Times noting “long term birth control should be mandated.”  Yeesh.

Obviously, I’m not the only Republican questioning what Dr. Bosworth has to offer Republican primary voters.  If you think I’m tough on Dr. Bosworth, over the last day or so, former GOP State Representative Lora Hubbel has made it her mission to point the items out in Dr. Bosworth’s resume that cause her heartburn.

And she has so much heartburn, that Hubbel is threatening all of South Dakota that she may enter the US Senate race.  From Facebook…


(What every Senate race needs – Debates over fallout shelters & highway signs that perform retinal scans!)

In support of her accusation of Bosworth’s alleged support for Obamacare, Lora also provides us a discussion that she had with Dr. Bosworth:

January 5, 2012 – 11:32am
From: Lora Hubbel
Dear Dr Annette, I see that you are a meaningful user of ObamaCare…my husband thinking of getting his also. We are struggling with that part of Obama Care. I have been an RN since 1982 and had my Biology degeree in 1980. I have worked as a Science teacher and RN since in my 20’s. Prior to that I worked as a hospital clerk and got to know the internal workings there. I saw government creep into healthcare when the DRG’s came on the scene and heard the out cry of the docs then….but they just let it happen to them.
Did you know that SD just made a law saying that you no longer can define the term “medical nessesity” …you, a MEDICAL doctor must sucomb to an Insurance definition of MEDCIAL nessesity. It used to be debateable…now it is not. And now the Insurance Director (bureaucrat) is the final authority in defining what genetic information menas and how its used in SD….and the same Ins Director can tell Docs that they must allow the morning after pill because we are now a conduit for Kathleen Sebelius’ and any Fed program’s wishes.
I see your have donated your time in Haiti…our church sponsors an orphanage there and I have given hundreds of dollars for a solar electrical system to sustain their irratic energy supply.

I would like to visit with you about PPACA….we are dancing way too close with the devil when we agree to its mandates. Doctors are horrible investors and horrible at keeping abreast of politics…for an obvious reason…they LOVE their patients and their work and have no time to research to the degree needed. Please call me for a visit are especially vulnerable as an independent doc. ObamaCare has been in the making for several years – starting in the early 90’s…its going to be hard to break those chains off our doctors…Lora Hubbel 521-9504

Now, Dr. Bosworth’s Reply..

Jan 5, 2012 – 8:52pm
From: Annette Bosworth

Lori, The heavy attendance was amazing to see. Our best comodity is mot the wheat my dad grows every year in Plankinton, but the spirit od South Dakotans out & engaging in the dialog.
I am a primary care Internal Medicine physician. I have altered my career in the last couple of years to be OUTSIDE the big systems & serving the marginalized. This strange shift in career has lead to my patient population of 70% of my patients are Medicaid. Most are recovering (again & again) from drugs, alcohol and have histories of past emotional traumas. Many are the youth of our state. I also volunteer on Judge Riepel’s Drug Court as the only drug court in the country with an MD on it.

I am the 1st doctor in our state to be certified to participate in ObamaCare.

Physicians have a love for patients, but in all that is being asked of us in the medical advances of 2012, we are human & can’t perform at super-human standards without the help of computers and th standarizations that EMRs bring. ObamaCare is misunderstood and dramatized by the doctors that don’t want to adjust their standards to today’s measuring tools. Doctors will never meet the national standard without the augmentation of the EHR. I’d love to talk to you more about the truth behind what Obama Care wants to do. Do a google search oft name & DSU. You’ll see my CMS award given last month.
Reach out to me if you think my day-to-day experience would be helpful in helping to find the truth in what really happens to these people.

Annette Bosworth
Good Luck, Lori!!

Annette Bosworth
I hate auto correct – LORA.

Granted, this is coming from Lora, but if she’s quoting Annette Bosworth accurately, we have Dr. Bosworth telling Hubbel that “ObamaCare is misunderstood and dramatized by the doctors that don’t want to adjust their standards to today’s measuring tools.” and “I am the 1st doctor in our state to be certified to participate in ObamaCare.”

Again, like many of her other missteps with Republican voters, if we allow that Lora’s quoting her accurately, we can add a question of Bosworth’s support for the “misunderstood and dramatized” Obamacare to her pile of political baggage that Republican voters will have to sift through in making a decision on who to vote for.

17 Replies to “Former St. Rep Lora Hubbel claims Bosworth supports Obamacare, threatens to enter race.”

  1. Anonymous

    And yet, compared to Hubbel, Bosworth looks like a gem. The further the SDGOP is able to keep Lora Hubbel from anything resembling an official role, the better off everyone is.

  2. Bree S.

    I don’t personally know Lora Hubbel, but if PP is trying to knock her as a “crazy conspiracy theorist” I think he should take a look at the goings on in the federal government right now. Wear that tinfoil helmet with pride because you’re going to need it.

      1. Bree S.

        What I’m saying is that many theories that “Those Who Know Better” claimed were crazy and would never happen are currently happening.

  3. Anon

    And what I find interesting – on top of the Obamacare quotes – is that she sees 70% Medicaid patients. Because she doesn’t play well with others, she is now out on her own trying to live off the government transfer payments — i.e. – our tax dollars. Medicaid must not pay well enough if the bank is foreclosing and she’s looking for new work.

    Wow. Who does she think she is? How does one get foreclosed upon? As far as I know it means she didn’t pay her bills. Just what we need in Congress — someone who doesn’t pay their bills!!!

  4. caheidelberger

    Bree, Pat doesn’t use the words “crazy conspiracy theorist” here, but if he does apply those words to Lora Hubbel, I will back that labeling 100%.

    1. Anon


      your sister works for Dr. Bosworth. What’s up with that?

      Also, I saw yesterday on your blog that you deleted a comment stating as much.

      1. my opinion

        don’t judge someone by who their family is, that’s not fair. I know I wouldn’t want to be judged based on the views of some of my family members.

  5. Troy Jones Post author

    I do not defend Dr. Bosworth’s candidacy. I don’t understand what she meant by her Che comments as she has a pretty strong Libertarian reputation. Maybe it was during a time of youthful exuberance or something else that is in her past she has now rejected. Maybe it indicates where she is on certain issues. I don’t defend her views on Obamacare if her statement indicates support of the legislation.

    But I’ll defend two items:

    1) I think she is a special doctor reaching out to a special, often ignored segment of our population specializing in the illnesses that often afflict the poor. Because Medicaid pays lower than private pay, she is doing so at personal financial sacrifice.

    2) Her financial problems stem from the publicly documented issues with the state medical board and how it affected her getting paid for services provided. She is not a deadbeat.

  6. Anooner

    I’m not going to defend Che’s methods, but he was/is a fascinating, complex and compelling figure. I suspect she will come forward at some point and say the context of that FB posts deals with her work in Haiti, and Che being a physician and his philosophy in treating the poor. Maybe I’m wrong, and she will say she supports the summary execution of political dissidents…but I doubt it.

    1. Guest

      Well, Hitler did some fascinating and compelling things like the autobahn, too.

      My point is, any candidate, D or R, should be much more discriminating when choosing a beacon.

  7. Anon

    Lora Hubbell is sadly mistaken about Dr. Bosworth’s support for Obamacare.

    1) Dr. Bosworth supports the complete and total repeal of Obamacare.

    2) Meaningful use certification was not created as a result of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare as Hubbell states.

    3) John Thune voted for and supported the HITECH Act which created the Meaningful Use designation, which Dr. Bosworth has become certified in and may other doctors here in South Dakota who are striving to do so as well, which helps to create and implement Electronic Health Records.

    4) I guarantee you that I know hard core tea partiers whose doctors are meaningful use certified and using electronic health records…and they enjoy the care they are receiving from those physicians. How many opponents of obamacare have asked their physicians to use paper medical charts?

    5) Bosworth’s words above don’t show support for Obamacare, they show support for electronic health records which are great tools for improving health care delivery in South Dakota and beyond…just ask John Thune…he voted for it and most recently joined with six other senators to ask the Obama administration to improve the program…not repeal it.

    1. PlanningStudent

      Well since you are clearly speaking for the good doctor, care to explain the Che comment?

    2. Bree S.

      Yeah, maybe we could have the IRS or the NSA oversee those electronic health records.

  8. ValleyGirl

    I’m just confused, as to how people running/considering to run for U.S. Senate can be so poor at spelling and grammar. I counted at least three errors (I wasn’t looking for errors so their might be more) in the Dr’s, and at least two in Hubbell’s. Now, I’m not the best at spelling or grammar, myself; but I’m not in the “public spotlight” either.