Former State Rep Brian Gosch now lobbyist for NRA

From Bob Mercer’s column, former Republican House Majority Leader Brian Gosch is back in Pierre this session:

We haven’t crossed paths yet, but former Rep. Brian Gosch seems to have returned as a lobbyist for the 2018 session.

He formally registered to represent the National Rifle Association.

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13 Replies to “Former State Rep Brian Gosch now lobbyist for NRA”

  1. Anonymous

    An interesting selection….I guess that ends speculation that he would run again for office, including back to the state house.

    1. Slick

      Disappointing but not surprising. The big healthcare monopolies own the former GOP/ RINO leadership. Brown started out as a conservative, but his votes as majority leader were increasingly big government/big business. Nice to Gosch as an NRA lobbyist. In the past their spokespeople were often from out-of-state and rarely present.

    2. Anonymous

      I like Corey a lot, but I thought the legislature upped the requirement to a 2 year ban after being a legislator…or has he been out 2 years already? time flies

  2. grudznick

    Mr. Gosch will pull all the strings for the GOP caucuses this year. Welcome back, Mr. Gosch. Now do what you do so well to manipulate the caucus and for Gosch sakes, don’t lobby Stacie.

  3. Anonymous

    Talk about a Sharia encompassing agenda. Who buys more votes nationwide than NRA? AND … Pierre legislators sell them at bargain basement prices. lol 😆


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