Former State Rep Lora Hubbel contemplating dem US Senate primary? 

It’s always colorful in South Dakota politics.  And under the comments last night, Tara Volesky, an associate of Lora Hubbel’s who ran the independent Mike Myers for Governor campaign, offered the following gem:

So, Hubbel may jump in the Dem primary against Jay Williams?  I swear you can’t make this stuff up.

12 Replies to “Former State Rep Lora Hubbel contemplating dem US Senate primary? ”

  1. Lynn

    Oh boy! I wonder if I can get a case of popcorn from Costco since I’ll have some friends over to watch the 2016 South Dakota Election season Circus.

    Is Chad or Annette running again too?

    This and “The Extremist at your Front Door” guy towing his Sidekick and nutcases around is going to be a fun year!

        1. Tara Volesky

          Lora is the kind of person that is not going to let these Platte catastrophes die out. The Department of Education gets Millions from the Federal Government and the buck stops with them…….so knowing Lora she will want to track down every dollar that has been misappropriated. As far as the 6 deaths, well there are many unanswered questions. I have not heard any for information coming from the FBI.

  2. Mother of Two

    Lora Hubbel needs to do social conservatives a favor and take on Deb Peters. Peters is Chair of Appropriations and a leading vote against social conservative issues in the legislature. Hubbel could win that race and it would be a powerful statement. She came within 40 votes of defeating Peters in 2012. A lot more people would gladly help Hubbel in a race for state senate than US Senate.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Just like Trump is a traitor to the Democrat Party? Nobody cares about party anymore except the Republican establishment who is doing everything in their power to defeat Trump. Then you have the Democrat establishment who will do anything to make sure Hillary wins.

      2. Lora

        I have never relinquished my Republican membership and I am still a Republican. WHICH MEANS I hate the politics of fake republicans, Daugaard,Thune and Rounds, because of their votes to take away your freedoms:
        Daugaard (because of bringing in ObamaCare when he told/tells us he wasn’t);
        Thune (because of the NDAA, where POTUS can deny anyone, even an American citizen their right to due process);
        Rounds (Because he sold ObamaCare and CommonCore to SD with all of its Federal shackles). With all of these men their votes are a lie to their voice.
        After the primary, mainly because I was the only state-wide candidate to not get ANY coverage, or debate and was TOLD I COULD NOT ATTEND the Newspaper Association conference where Daugaard was giving the Keynote address (again…sooo illegal), I decided to run as a REPUBLICAN in an independent race so I could be heard (just like Jenna Haggar did in District 15).

        Recall I got 20% of the vote for Governor in June Primary and won my race for committee woman with 73% of the vote (same ballot)…and then 4 months later Craig Lawrence brings the discussion to the board to take away my committee woman position…plus my husband eventually had his position taken away also. Totally illegal…but so typical of these black-eyed, soul-less RINO crony creatures.
        I don’t know what Im going to do…but these men must be held accountable to their votes that betray their promises to us. Some would call that lying…others would say they just speak the language of their father…the father of lies.


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