Former State Rep Patricia Shiery running as Republican in D30 State Senate Race

Former State Representative Patricia Shiery is apparently throwing her hat in the political ring again, and is circulating petitions to run in the District 30 Republican State Senate primary race in which State Senator Lance Russell or one of the existing House members is already anticipated to run.

Shiery (formerly Stricherz) was socially liberal enough in her earlier run for the legislature that she was one of the few Republicans who managed to garner the support of the political action wing of the statewide advocacy political action committee Equality SD PAC in 2008..

… and her social activism has also been evident in both the local paper, as well as her facebook page as she has also made a point of actively fighting against mining in the area.

Curiously, at the same time she’s been a more moderate Republican, she’s also been aligned at times with the far more socially conservative Republican candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel. Which goes to show you what strange bedfellows politics can make. Like Hubbel, Shiery has run several times, but has won only a single term of office.

Given the hard-right electoral history of District 30, (ignoring the heating Capitol lake story) it’s doubtful that the Republican primary voters of District 30 are going to swing from the conservatism of State Senator Lance Russell to the far more liberal Patty Shiery.

However, it may be worth the popcorn to watch the fireworks.

6 Replies to “Former State Rep Patricia Shiery running as Republican in D30 State Senate Race”

  1. Anonymous

    Urgh she sounds like another squish. Equality PAC and Lora Hubbel ties…double urgh

    Lance PLEASE stay in the state senate, you are a good solid conservative and you win re-election in a song against this gal in Dist 30. I just don’t see you winning the AG race and would prefer to have you in the legislature fighting for us! than out completely.

      1. Troy Jones

        When I lived in Pierre the cost of keeping Capitol Lake unfrozen was borne 100% by a private company that sells gas and a deep well spring water. But, there is a rumor the owner gets a sweetheart deal from DENR on flow regulations.


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