Former State Rep Patty Shiery returns to run for House in Rapid City?

Former State Rep Patty Stricherz, now Patty Shiery, is reportedly considering a run for the State House in Rapid City in District 35.

The District 35 house seats include one vacant house seat, as a result of Republican legislator Don Kopp not running, reportedly to assist his son who is running for Governor in Colorado.

Stricherz, who served a single term in the State House from 2011 to 2012 as a Republican, passed 1 measure during her tenure, regarding protections against precipitous eviction to certain long-term tenants at will in 2011.

Allegedly during her first year in Pierre, Stricherz earned a bit of infamy around the Capitol for demanding to know in caucus what the state spent to heat Capitol Lake.


  • Bring us more about this Kopp in CO story. That is interesting news.

  • My hope is that there is another candidate besides Patty.

  • According to the latest information posted here, it looks like it will be a contested primary if she decides to run, as there are already 2 Republican candidates (one an incumbent).

    District 35
    Senate – Mark Kirkeby (R – Incumbent)

    Lynne DiSanto (R)
    Patty Shiery (R?)
    Blaime Campbell (R – Incumbent)