Former State Sen Lynne DiSanto charged with making false claims to police about husband assault

From Dakota News now, former State Senator Lynne DiSanto has been charged with making false police reports against her ex-husband, Mark DiSanto, claiming he assaulted her when the investigation revealed neither one was home:

DiSanto, who also goes by the names Lyndi DiSanto and Lynne Hix-DiSanto, was read her charges from the state by Magistrate Judge Todd Hyronimus on Thursday. Robert Pasqualucci, her attorney, did not appear in court during her first hearing.


Upon Swan’s arrival, Lynne requested she privately speak with Swan to explain the situation. The officer’s account states the following: Lynne reported her husband had assaulted her the previous night while trying to reclaim some belongings left at his residence amid a divorce between the two. She told the officer that Mark had choked her, then punched a hole in the upstairs bedroom door. She claims his demeanor was “super aggressive” and that she later spent the night at a friend’s house.

Lynne also alleged in the police interview Mark had assaulted her an unknown in the past, but did not report it because of his position as an official. Lynne further claimed that her husband made death threats to her, saying Mark could “take her out on a hill, shoot her and no one would know he did it.”

Go read this story now at Dakota News Now.

And it looks like they have the false report on body camera, as she’s making these claims in the midst of a contentious divorce.

This story is just starting to blow up.

10 thoughts on “Former State Sen Lynne DiSanto charged with making false claims to police about husband assault”

  1. Recall former State Senator Lynne DiSanto spent loads of air time raising awareness of the abuses committed by the Children’s Home Society near Rapid City, South Dakota in the wake of the disappearance of Serenity Dennard. The Children’s Home Society has been under the regulatory microscope before for violations of trust. One former executive director is none other than Republican former South Dakota Governor Denny Daugaard. Mass incarceration fuels the white foster home industry: a pet project of Daugaard’s wife.

    Billionaire Republican Denny Sanford has given millions to the Children’s Home Society and as the story of his pedophilia broke Carmel, Indiana-based private investigator Veracity I-I-R confirmed that they were hired by Serenity’s family to revist the steps that led to her disappearance and explore likely outcomes.

    1. Are you kidding? Let’s not that the Rapid City Journal scolded her for the conspiracy theories she’s fostering in Dennard’s disappearance.

      Or that she was banned from state correctional facilities after filming an exploitive interview with an inmate.

      Or that she encouraged her Facebook followers to engage in cyber bullying against her Facebook enemies.

      Or she had a no trespass order issued against her.

      Don’t even get me going on her claim of being attacked by Dave Johnson on the House floor, which was a big nothingburger according to the video.

      And the list goes on.

  2. She, along with Florence Thompson, would greatly benefit from psychiatric medications and psychological therapy. Her search for Serenity was 100% publicity seeking. Thousands of hours by professionals with high powered search equipment have been used to find Serenity to no avail. This woman is arrogant enough to get publicity in “finding” Serenity when professionals could not. Poppycock!

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