Former State Senator Lynne DiSanto announces she’s the new Ms. South Dakota. Really.

As sent to me from Facebook, apparently dreams can come true (no matter of how awful a person you are). Because former State Sen. Lynne DiSanto is announcing that she is the new Ms. South Dakota.

I thought she had inflicted herself on Montana?

Just a question on what her talent might have been. Running afoul of the law?

8 thoughts on “Former State Senator Lynne DiSanto announces she’s the new Ms. South Dakota. Really.”

    1. file this under things-my-mother-never-told-me: winning a beauty pageant, any beauty pageant, is the first step toward a career in TV journalism.

      It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work you know.

  1. So did she run under DiSanto or Lyndi Meyer. That is the name she was using to see real estate in Montana.

  2. the Trump car parade passed the ladies in their gowns and tiaras Saturday afternoon, standing on the sidewalk. . They waved and cheered at us as we went by. The gowns were sleeveless if not strapless and it was a cold and windy day. They made a pretty sight as we passed. It’s a bunch of tough ladies, for sure.

  3. Thanks a lot Pat! Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again in South Dakota – you post this mess! And I thought we were done with this loon. It’s too bad that the “scholarship contest” (beauty pageant) lured her back to our great state. I just wonder: a. did the judges know of her mental instability/legal issues and b. how many other contestants were there? I could have a field day with this but….God help us!

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