Former US Senate Hopeful to run for State Legislature. No, not that one.

Coming the day after State Senator Bill Van Gerpen announced that he is not going to be a candidate this next election, I had a call this morning from a candidate confirming a rumor I’d heard some time ago – that yes, this former candidate for US Senate from this past election is going to be a candidate for the South Dakota State Legislature.

No. Not that one.  The other one who didn’t go all ‘Donald Trump’ on his opponents, and placed second in the race, only behind now Senator Mike Rounds.

Former US Senate hopeful, and former South Dakota State Legislator Larry Rhoden yesterday turned Rhodenin his petitions in to run for the open seat in District 29 being vacated by Speaker of the House Dean Wink who has been termed out of office.

I spoke with Larry this morning, and while he enjoyed his time away, the West River Rancher noted that he missed the opportunity to represent the point of view of the people in the area on the big issues such as raising taxes and education.

In the past, Larry has served as Assistant Majority Leader and held the office of Majority Leader in the House for four years, as well as two stints as Majority Whip in the Senate when he was there from 2009-2014.  With the current Majority Leader in the House termed out office, I would not be surprised if Rhoden becomes a member of the GOP Leadership team, given his past experiences.

His return is also remarkable, as it provides Rhoden a higher profile for future statewide elections down the line, such as serving as a Lt. Gov choice in 2018, or running for an office in his own right, such as a potential Congressional vacancy, or Constitutional office.

More candidates to come. Stay tuned!

10 Replies to “Former US Senate Hopeful to run for State Legislature. No, not that one.”

  1. Anon

    Great to hear. Larry is one of the best.

    And I completely agree that he has the potential to be on the ballot statewide in 2018

  2. Lynn

    Grudznik will be happy Mr. Rhoden and Rhoden’s Rhangers will be back in Pierre serving South Dakota.

  3. john

    This surprises me, I heard Larry is battling thyroid cancer at the moment, hope he comes through it okay.

  4. JohnDoe

    The only man in politics I’ve ever truly respected. I’m glad to hear he’s returning to the arena. This state needs good men.

    1. Just Sayin' the truth instead

      Hasn’t that argument been exhausted? Rhoden changed 20 years ago so not sure how he could’ve voted for Weiland. From my memory, he had the most conservative of voting records by the Freedom test (something another blogger did on all votes) so never heard him scream, let alone ‘liar’ on his conservative voting record.

      I’ve loved Cruz for being very constitutional without fail which Rhoden and Nelson have been (except hiding in the bathroom on a gun bill) but have heard more of late that he’s quite egotistical and doesn’t have the support of those who have worked with him in the legislature so I guess in that aspect, Nelson was what Cruz is possibly panning out to be which we, the public, don’t have the insight into but sitting legislators do.

      Besides, this isn’t a statewide race and Meade County has obviously loved them some Rhoden so no point in rehashing old news of a US Senate race. Live in the ‘now’.