Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 House


WATERTOWN – Codington County Republican Dr. Fred Deutsch announced today his intention to run for the South Dakota House of Representatives. He is seeking one of two seats representing District 4, which covers rural Codington, Grant, Deuel, and rural Brookings Counties.

Dr. Deutsch and his wife Kathleen will soon celebrate their 32th wedding anniversary. They have raised four daughters from their home in rural Codington County and supported their family by managing a successful chiropractic practice. Dr. Deutsch is active member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and devotes his free time to number of community service organizations.

Dr. Deutsch is in his third term on the Watertown Board of Education, which oversees the community’s K-12 public schools and Lake Area Technical Institute, and is a longtime education advocate. He said concerns about education and economic development motivated him to run for the Legislature.

“Education is the pathway to our economic future,” said Deutsch. “If elected, my priorities will be to improve our schools and foster our state’s business climate”

“Every child living in South Dakota should have the opportunity to attend a school that’s as good as or better than any school in America,” said Dr. Deutsch. Likewise, “I believe our children should have job and career opportunities available in our communities that’s equal or better than they can find anywhere in the country.

Deutsch serves on the Board for South Dakota Right to Life and said if elected said he will continue his pro-life work in the legislature.

He is a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment and a member of the National Rifle Association

Dr. Deutsch is in the early stages of his campaign, and is just starting to reach out to supporters. His first priority is to connect with as many District 4 residents as possible prior to the June primary election. “

“I am excited about meeting people,” he said. “It would be an honor to serve the people of District 4.”

10 Replies to “Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 House”

  1. Watertownian

    With all due respect to Dr. Deutsch, if he is residentially qualified to run in District 4, that would mean he actually lives in Florence. Living in Florence would then disqualify him from sitting on the Watertown School Board. Or perhaps vice-versa. Either way it really seems like he is trying to double dip.

    1. anon1

      Dr. Deutsch lives in District 4, rural Florence, but is in the Watertown School District. They have a substantial overlap. Plus, I’m quite certain he’d leave his school board spot if he was elected to the House.

      It really doesn’t seem to matter in District 4 anyway, since Jim Peterson lives in Watertown.

      Two years ago, Fred’s opponents tried hard to label him as “from Watertown”, and he still ran a competitive campaign. Had he done better in Milbank, he would have won. Now that Kathy Tyler has pretty much made herself look foolish in her first term, he has a strong chance of winning this time around.

      Fred is a very smart man, with a passion for what he does. He would be an outstanding legislator.

    2. Spencer

      And if that is all the Kathy Tyler campaign has on Fred, they had better start lining up some other work for the 2015 session because she won’t be in Pierre for long.

  2. Anonymous

    Fred is a decent, honest and hard-working guy. I can’t vote for him since that’s not my district but we’d all be lucky to have him in Pierre.

  3. Jeff Endrizzi

    Fred ran hard and ran well two years ago, and is a great candidate. Those of us in District 4 are fortunate he’s willing to serve as a legislator.


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