Friends of Dusty Johnson 1q 2018 FEC – 129k raised, 64K spent, 489k Cash on hand

Dusty Johnson once again wins the chase for dollars for the second quarter in a row, and has the most in the bank among his Republican Congressional hopeful colleagues:

Dusty Johnson 2018 1q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

$129,193 raised, $63,980 spent, leaving Dusty $489,475 cash on hand to take forward into the quarter leading up to election day.


21 Replies to “Friends of Dusty Johnson 1q 2018 FEC – 129k raised, 64K spent, 489k Cash on hand”

  1. Matt B

    More money, more total donors, more small donations, less operating cost per month.
    It says a lot about the depth of his campaign.

  2. Anonymous

    Dusty is tenacity in action. He will be the candidate for the General and ultimately the next member of Congress from South Dakota!

  3. Anonymous

    Dusty is getting lots of money from lobbiests, corporations, and wealthy donors – all of Daugaards network. With Paul Ryan and the establishment swamp losing ground, being an establishment candidate paid off by the lobbiests may not be the best choice this time.

    1. Km3

      There is quite a bit of falsehood in that statement, look at the numbers.
      For one the Big Peanut lobby supports Shantel not Dusty.

      1. Lincoln County Delegate

        It’s hard to miss all the peanut growing operations in we have in South Dakota. Clearly that sector of South Dakota agriculture is backing Shantel. Glad to see the peanut growers of South Dakota will have a strong Representative if she wins!

  4. Troy Jones

    I agree on the small contributions.

    Dusty’s $13,000 vs. Shantel’s $2,000 shows alot about grass roots effort and support.

    1. KM

      Grassroots? You must consider company presidents, CEO’s, attorneys, doctors, bankers & bank owners, senior VPs, GM’s to be grassroots. I don’t. I consider the homemakers to be grassroots, but then I wonder how they are able to donate $250; maybe from their partner’s income?

      I also noticed that LSS’s President made a contribution, now that’s interesting.

      1. Truth is a Virus

        Who Dusty hiding that gave $10,000 that he claims was his own money?
        There is no grassroots. Big donors who want to buy influence to continue to get what they want in Washington D.C.

  5. Truth is a Virus

    I think he is bought and paid for and will sell out South Dakota. How many times did he support the raising of taxes?

  6. Anonymous

    They each have raised over $500,000 mostly from corporations and wealthy donors. That money doesn’t come without strings attached! Sounds like more swamp dwellers. Who is more controlled, Dusty or Shantel?


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