From Facebook: Janette McIntyre to primary Jeff Partridge

According to facebook this AM, Janette McIntyre is apparently circulating a petition to take on State Representative Jeff Partridge, who had already announced he’s running for the District 34 State Senate Seat.


It also seems that there’s possibly a group (I suspect Howie Minions) who are recruiting challengers to some of the open seats. I’m not sure why, as to my knowledge, Jeff Partridge would be the opposite of a liberal.

Regardless, Janette will be out to get your John Henry. (So, get your steel-driving men out?)

11 Replies to “From Facebook: Janette McIntyre to primary Jeff Partridge”

  1. Anonymous

    Partridge voted for the gas and sales tax increases, and just this week, voted against requiring Legislative approval for Medicaid expansion. He is a liberal.

  2. Anonymous

    Big fan of Jeff Partridge. I’d been asked recently if I thought the tax increase would create primaries. I guess probably in some more conservative parts of the state.

    1. Feasant

      Agree, but voting for the largest tax increase in history??? What did he think??? Everyone that voted for it, should get a primary battle, by a true Conservative Republican.

  3. Anonymous

    Partridge won’t be able to bumble and bluster his way through a primary after his liberal voting record. Go get ’em, Janette.

  4. grudznick

    If Mr. Howie is against this Partridge fellow, then I am for him. Mr. Howie is insaner than most and if you don’t already know that you are a paper bagger.

  5. Anonymous

    The governor is trying to pack the legislative bodies with people who will vote for Medicaid expansion. That’s who is asking people to run, and don’t pretend you aren’t aware of it, Mr Powers

  6. Anne Beal

    John Henry was an illiterate slave who signed documents with a thumbprint.
    John Hancock was the man who signed his own death warrant with a flourish on the Declaration of Independence.

    If she wants your thumbprint, give it to her, I doubt the Secretary of State will validate it.

  7. Tiny Dancer

    Partridge is one of the most diligent and cognitive new legislators in office. He’ll wipe the slate with her. When she tries to badger him about any of his “non-conservative” amendments, he’ll work work her, and it will almost be humorous.


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