From Twitter: Nelson & Hubbel supporter gathering signatures

21 Replies to “From Twitter: Nelson & Hubbel supporter gathering signatures”

  1. A few bricks short of a load

    The only way Stace Nelson could sink his campaign faster is by tying Lora Hubbel to his campaign.

    This sucker is sinking fast.

    1. A few bricks short of a load

      During the state fair I noticed Stace was putting up his 4×8 signs and Kristi’s at the same place so it looked like they were a team. That was smarter than Hubbel being next to him.

  2. grudznick

    Ms. Hubble should dress a little bit fancier when manning the Nelson booth at these political events. She looks a little rag baggity in that picture.

  3. Richard Hilgemann

    Just so we are clear here; in no way shape or fashion is the Stace Nelson campaign “teaming up” with Hubbel’s. This is simply an individual acting on their own behalf to gather signatures for candidates they support. Much like I plan on gathering signatures for Nelson and Kaiser at the same time.

  4. Anonymous

    An organized joint attendance and announcement (twitter and/or FB) seems like “teaming up” and then we hear no way is it “teaming up” and then they’re a great duo. Not sure I even care or have an opinion but now am a little curious as it leads me to certain conclusions.

    1. Tea Party

      I’m not comfortable with Hubbel teaming up with Stace. She is nuts and hurts the movement. Stace needs to distance himself.

  5. Tea Party

    Talk to the Tea Party in Sioux Falls or those who have been involved in the Minnehaha GOP. She has turned a lot of people off and I’m talking about conservative Tea Partiers. She is a joke in the Argus and Stace shouldn’t be associating with her.

  6. Anonymous

    Stace does not need to do anything. So what if someone is collecting signatures for both Stace and Lora. Whole lot of makes no difference to anyone but Rounds’ staffers.

    Go get ’em!

    1. Anonymous

      You have Rounds, Daugaard and Noem collecting signatures on one side of the GOP and you have Stace and Hubbel collecting on the other. That doesn’t look good for Stace.

      If he wants to associate with crazy it’s up to him but it looks bad and it will rub off on republicans who like our established candidates.

  7. Anonymous

    While I think it’s a good idea to team up (after all it’s just signatures) but what I’m wondering now is why two east river people chose a west river location? I would think they’d hit where they know the most people first. Just interesting again.

  8. Anonymous

    When did SD become the occupied Third Reich? South Dakotans are still free to go out and collect signatures for candidates of their choice. Is the establishment so fearful of their death grip on SD’s political scene that they are now fretting so much about a little old lady collecting signatures for her chosen candidates? How is Nelson teaming up with Hubbel through these volunteer’s actions?

    Are Daugaard, Noem, & Rounds teaming up? Because that would be an interesting story and an FEC violation.

  9. Tripp

    They have gone and will not return to us. some of us are thinking that they are with us. we should pray for the departed ones, that’s what we can do.


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