Front of next tourism brochure?

Republican Senator Dan Lederman of Dakota Dunes and fame, in a picture stolen from his facebook page. Dan, his little girl, and the catch of the day.

This might need to be featured on the front of the next tourism brochure.

(Although, he might want to have a talk with whoever picks out his hats. )

4 Replies to “Front of next tourism brochure?”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow Dakota Dunes, walk through boat real nice to.average guy from S.D in a 16 foot lund with a fifteen on the back that would be the real South Dakotan.Work to live not live towork.

  2. mhs

    A proud moment of my public life was being the cover shot of the 1988 (or ’89, I forget) fishing guide. Netted that monster walleye, 80 or 90 times during the Tourism photo shoot. It was dead when we started, was just nasty five hours and three locations later.


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