Fundraising gap shows strong support for Noem

Kristi Noem’s supporters are obviously fired up to get out and deliver a strong reelection victory for her.

Republican incumbent Kristi Noem raised $354,677 in the first quarter of 2012 in her bid to retain her seat in Congress, far outpacing her nearest competitor, Democratic U.S. House candidate Matt Varilek, who collected more than $168,000 during the same period, the campaigns said Friday.

Noem?s latest fundraising figures give her a wide lead over her two Democratic opponents in South Dakota. Her first-quarter figures bring her total fundraising efforts to almost $1.65 million, including the money she raised last year. She now has $1.18 million in cash remaining in her campaign account.

Both Democrats are well behind Noem’s strong fundraising numbers. The Argus reported that Matt Varilek has raised about $272,000 total since announcing and his primary opponent Jeff Barth raised $9,000 this fundraising quarter with a total haul of $19,000 thus far.

It looks to me that Barth’s campaign is clinging to the hope that Varilek’s money simply represents the Democratic elite’s thinking and not the remnants of the demoralized Democratic base.

With a 14-1 fundraising advantage over Barth, Varilek better hope for a strong primary showing. I’d hate to see him limp out of the June 5th primary. Just the thought of a lackluster primary victory makes me think at some point the behind the scenes party leaders are going to encourage Barth to drop out and get behind the SDDP’s chosen one. They made it clear Herseth Sandlin wasn’t wanted, so why risk letting Barth play spoiler?

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  1. toga

    Things will not be good if Varilek has to blow a couple hundred G’s in order to win the primary. He will want to spend that on the general.

    I hope he gives us some good fluffy ads soon… Right after that he will get destroyed in the general.

  2. Good god

    Eh. Incumbents always have huge fundraising advantages. Don’t know the Dem kid, but Princess Noem won’t get my vote. Might not vote for either, but not voting for her – she’s the very definition of a do-nothing Congresswoman.

  3. Anonymous

    If Varilek beats Barth badly in a primary I won’t care because Barth is essentially the Thad Wassen of the SDDP. If it’s a close race that will be totally embarassing.

  4. Troy Jones

    I don’t have a stake in the Dem’s primary. In the end, Noem will kill the nominee. What shocks me (if it is true as I have no evidence of it) is if the money mobilization around Varilek is because he is a perception he is a better candidate with little regard to Barth being a proven vote getter.

    Reminds me of the GOP Congressional primary in 1986 when primary voters chose Dale Bell who had never won an election over Frankenfeld, Heidepriem, & Volesky. Back then I thought Tim Johnson never would have beaten any of these three. Not that Barth will beat Noem but he will do better in my opinion.

    1. Anonymous

      Heidepriem really missed some oppurtunities. Wasn’t he about 28? Pretty young.

      It is funny to look back on Scott and Volesky from now and realize at one time they were the future. Now they are somewhat jokes (at least in Volesky’s case). Heidepriem was a typical ambitious guy that didn’t have a sense of timing.

      Janklow passing him over for AG so they could hold the senate didn’t help him much either…

  5. Anonymous

    We asve seen this governor in action .I would be very happy with Scott after do gard cut education, passport for our teachers out of state.

    1. Anonymous

      But, now he is planning on giving bonuses to the best 20%, so the really good teachers will be staying. Maybe we will export the poorest teachers as they will get paid more elsewhere. I have always supported rewarding those who excel in their jobs.

      1. insomniac

        This whole anti HB 1234 thing is getting blown way out of proportion. Teachers are lieing through their teeth about HB 1234 and I didn’t even support it in the Senate.

        I’m hearing facts that have been totally removed from the bill from friends and relatives. Teachers don’t have their facts straight anymore.


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