Gallup Poll: Both Business owners and Farmers hate Obama.

I’d hate to be a South Dakota Democrat with Obama on the top of the ticket this year:

U.S. business owners’ approval of President Barack Obama fell in the second quarter of 2012 to 35%, essentially tying farmers and fishers for the lowest approval among major occupational groups. Overall, professional workers remain the most approving, at 52%.

The findings are based on 25,464 interviews conducted with working U.S. adults in Gallup Daily tracking during the second quarter of 2012. Gallup asks employed adults to describe the work they do and then codes each respondent into one of 11 job categories.

Obama’s job approval ratings by occupational group clearly relate to election preferences. Gallup previously found that Obama does best compared with likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney among voters who are professionals and service workers. Romney does best among voters who work in farming and fishing or construction, or are business owners.

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56 Replies to “Gallup Poll: Both Business owners and Farmers hate Obama.”

    1. Anonymous

      Bill-That stat matters so little as most people think the other members are the problem and not there’s.

      I believe Obama had his “I’m a DC resident” moment with what he said about business owners not deserving credit for our success in business. I for the first time think he’s toast.

      1. Bill Fleming

        Oh really? Is that why Tom Daschle and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin got voted out? Because everybody was so happy with their own congressional delegation?

        1. Ymous

          When you don’t represent your state and say publicly your a DC resident, yeah, your toast. stephie had 60 percent plus approvals only a year before. Here approvals were never 9 to 11 percent. They matter very little unless there state specific.

        2. duggersd

          Bill, what is the retention rate in Congress? I submit it is rather high. In fact, it is very high. And 10:51 is correct in his statement. 2009 was a tough year for incumbents. It was only a 94% retention rate with 70 Congress people voted out of office (House and Senate). So again, the Congress approval rate matters little because most people see their own congressperson as not the problem. It is the other guys. But you already knew that.

  1. Anooner

    A percentage of a certain segment disapproving is a little different than the entire segment hating something, would you agree?

    If not, could we also say South Dakotans hate the SOS?

    1. Anonymous

      Bingo! Pat, you had to take a stats class before you left your MPA program. C’mon now!

      1. veldy

        One thing I find interesting is Obama campaign running anti-Mittens ads on New England Sports Network at this point in the game, would think they’d be a little more confident in that part of the country.

  2. Anon.

    Heaven for fend that Obama is not popular with business executives. In fact much of the blame that Obama appears to take is due in large part to congressional grid-lock, and that caustic rationale wherein congress would rather have a bit of uncertainty than agree to whether or not today is Thursday. On a lighter note, Romney is off to the U.K. where he can’t help but insult one of our biggest allies during a time of great British pride. I am going to have to agree with David Cameron’s comments, “We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.” For whatever it’s worth, and I am sure they are all well paid, stick to the script given to you by your advisors.

  3. Elais

    I’m not sure why Romney is over in the UK, maybe looking for new places to ship US jobs to.

    1. Katzy

      “Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, 26 business leaders assembled by the president for job-spurring ideas, includes representatives of several companies that have used outsourcing, fueling job creation abroad and job losses in the U.S.”

      “Since Immelt took over GE in 2001, the company has lost 37,000 American jobs, and added 25,000 jobs overseas.”

      Also mentioned in this article are Boeing, Xerox, American Express who have outsourced and are on the Council.

      And BTW Obama doesn’t even meet with his Jobs Council. Maybe Obama needs to drop this subject before it comes back to bite him.

    2. duggersd

      How many jobs did Obama eliminate at GM? And how many jobs were sent overseas when he sold Chrysler to Fiat? And let us not forget about the Fisker in Finland. Oh, and where was the Obama campaign bus built?

  4. Al Novstrup

    How did President Obama get 35% of the business owners? I have never met a real small business owner that supports our current president.

          1. Ymous

            Trust me, he and “job creator” say they are small business owners and create jobs, but no proof to what that business is.

            1. Bill Fleming

              Not to worry, ymous. I sent Al a “Linked-In” invite. Marked him as “friend.” If he accepts, he’ll have his answer. As for you, please… you’re “ymous.” Where do you get the nerve to challenge other anonymous posters, buddy? LOL

          2. Bill Fleming

            Oh please, you first, Al. Tell me about YOUR business.
            It’s your assertion that none of us are Obama supporters. How is it that you know so many of us small business people?

            1. Bill Fleming

              (p.s. PP and company don’t like it when we use this blog to promote our businesses without buying advertising. Can’t say as I blame him.)

              1. Al Novstrup

                Bill, you have identified one ObamaCare supporter out of 22 million business owners. I commend you for finding an ObamaCare supporter in the business community. That is one more than I can find. PS Just got done with my work day. Barack was nowhere to be found today, helping to build my business. Maybe tomorrow?

                1. Anonymous

                  did you build the road you drove home on al? Do you have any ag customers? I’m sure if you think about it you’ll find a little support from your government in your business my friend.

                  1. Al Novstrup

                    No, I didn’t build the roads. The taxes I paid contributed toward paying for them.

      1. grudznick

        Bill, your hooka-addled brain has clouded your reason. You were saying just the other day at breakfast something about how angry you were with the President.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Grudz, you’re way behind the curve, bud. We moved out of that office two years ago. We’re in the Creamery building now. You gotta learn to keep up, man.

    1. Ymous

      It will not in the long run. There taxes and freedoms will go to the federal government. Your above statement is untrue.

  5. Bill Fleming

    I don’t know of a single entrepreneur (and I have worked with hundreds of them in my 40 year career in advertising and marketing) who would be willing to say that their successful business is due 100% to themselves individually.

    Every single one of them has used the post office, the highway system, the internet, federally insured banks, patent and copyright protection and on and on. Moreover, every entrepreneur worth his/her salt knows that their success is largely due to their ability to create lasting relationships with their customers regardless of their political affiliation.

    If guys like Al want to pound their chest and be part of the “I did it my way” Romney/Limbaugh echo chamber, more power to them.

    But we all know better.

    Maybe Novstrup should put a sign on the door of his operation that says, “Dear customer prospect, if you’re thinking of voting for a Democrat, you’re not welcome in this establishment because we don’t want your money.”

    It would be a surefire way to watch about 40% of his gross receipt walk right out the door, even in a Red state like South Dakota (especially during tourist season). Like I said, the successful entrepreneurs I know are all quite a bit smarter than that (even the Republicans ;^).

    1. Anonymous


      Al Novstrup does put up that sign at his business, sort of. He loads up his business property with large and numerous Republican candidate campaign signs every even numbered year.

      1. Al Novstrup

        My partners are Democrats. Most elections have a bi-partison representation of signs on my home and business property.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Good to hear, Al. Are your Dem friends (presumably small businessmen like yourself) going to be voting for Mr. Romney?

          1. Al Novstrup

            I believe my Democratic partners are voting for Romney. I don’t believe they are happy with the direction of the economy.

    2. duggersd

      Bill, nobody is claiming they did not do something without help. The problem is, especially if you listen to the tone of Obama speaking you see he has a lot of disdain for those who actually go out and create jobs. In your 40+ years in advertising, how many have said that it was the government that did most of the work? The entrepreneurs that go out and take a risk, put in the extra hours, put their houses up for collateral and do the work to try to make a go of it. President Obama makes it sound like it is all luck and government. And that is the problem with this guy. I remember a fable about a farmer who had a goose that one day laid a golden egg. Each day it laid another golden egg. So the farmer’s wife got to thinking that it was unwise to wait each day for the golden egg when they could just cut her open and take them all out. Guess how many golden eggs they found? Guess who did not get any more golden eggs? That is what Obama is doing to the business climate in the country. He wants to tax and regulate them to the point where they just give up. And then where will he get his taxes from? And who will pay for the record number of people on food stamps? Disability? Unemployed? Medicaid? Medicare? Social Security? Hell, our enemies will not have to invade us. We will be forced to disarm ourselves.

        1. duggersd

          What is your problem? At least tell me what I said that is not true. The only one insulting anybody’s intelligence is you. The fact of the matter is you know the truth, but still shill for the dark side. The only way you can make an argument is to twist what people say. NOBODY is claiming to have done everything on their own. Obama has shown disdain for the business community. You just do not want to admit what you know is the truth. Which is what we expect from you.

          1. Bill Fleming

            “…if you listen to the tone of Obama speaking you see he has a lot of disdain for those who actually go out and create jobs.”

            I do listen to him, and I don’t see (or hear)* that. People who make such claims are either

            1. Suffering from attention deficit disorder
            2. Afflicted with a subhuman intelligence quotient
            3. Being intentionally, intellectually dishonest.

            Take your pick, DuggerSD

            * proper verb agreement. When people “listen” they generally “hear” not “see.” Except perhaps people like DuggerSD who have been known to hallucinate.

            1. duggersd

              Bill, until you are perfect in your English, you can shut up about other peoples’ few grammatical errors. The only way clowns like you can make an argument is to twist other peoples’ thoughts. Yes, I have listened to the tone of our Dear Leader in that clip. He is angry and has nothing but disdain for the people he is talking about. You can continue to listen to it with your deaf ears, but facts are facts and any normal person would agree he has nothing but disdain in his voice. But that is what you do.

      1. Bill Fleming

        You mean these words, Al?

        “PS Just got done with my work day. Barack was nowhere to be found today, helping to build my business. Maybe tomorrow?”

        1. Al Novstrup

          I did say that. All true words. Please explain why you believe those words are wrong, untrue or inappropriate?

          By the way, no Barack again today helping me build my business. I will leave the lights on in case he shows up to work.

          1. duggersd

            Al, you can give up on having any kind of a civil discussion with Bill. Bill is part of the group that likes to take things out of context and give what you say a different meaning. But I am guessing you have discovered that already.

              1. duggersd

                OOOOH, Now you are using some cool psychological terms. Impressive. Bottom line, you have to be dishonest. You cannot point to one thing I said that is dishonest.

  6. Anonymous

    My criticism of Pres. Obama is that he hasn’t been tough enough on crony capitalists & Wall Street robber barons who rig the system in their favor. How can regular people have faith in the stock market when big brokers are allowed to package stuff they know is dung and market it to the public as filet mignon? They know that if they get caught the worst that will happen is they will have to forfeit a small portion of their illegitimate profits as a token fine. Big banks and brokerages also know that the government will let them continue to privatize profits and socialize risks – then tax their profits at a lower rate than working Americans pay. We know Mitt Romney is in favor of this status quo. I wish Pres. Obama would be against it – but he depends on Wall Street money too.

    1. Al Novstrup

      I suggest you google “crony capitalism obama” and start reading. Also google solydra

  7. Anonymous

    I think the poll is about right. As a professional worker I’m 52% for President Obama and 43% against.

    At the same time I’m 52% for the liberal Mitt Romney and 43% against. As to the conservative Mitt Romney I’m 11% in favor and 89% against. Tell me, Which Mitt Romney is gonna be President if he wins?

  8. Doug Wiken

    Local businessmen here are almost all out-spoken Republicans who always have their hands out for some federal dole to fund local projects.

    When the Winner Airport was improved, one of the working engineers said he did not understand the rabid Republican owners of the business. They always had more contracts and business when Democrats were in control.

    The continuous barrage of wingnut right mythology in SD influences opinions and leaves us years behind in many ways. We keep hearing how the Obama programs failed, and then reading how sales tax revenue is up all over South Dakota.

    Perhaps SD business owners and operators ought to spend a few minutes thinking about who and what actually helps them instead of believing those who claim they do but really don’t.

  9. Troy Jones Post author

    Bill, if Obama doesn’t have disdain for people who create jobs so people can pay taxes to run his excessively intrusive government, he must be ignorant then.

    YOU take your pick.