Galvinizing conservatives

There is nothing more foolish for a Democratic strategist to do than target a likable potential first lady with a personal attack.

?His wife has actually never worked a day in her life,? Rosen said on Anderson Cooper?s ?AC360? show. ?She?s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we ? why we worry about their future.?

Here we have a likely presidential nominee who just doesn’t connect with conservatives in a lot of ways. One of Romney’s strengths in his potential to appeal to conservatives through his personal life and commitment to his family and wife Ann.

I suspect Rosen’s comments insinuating that Ann Romney staying home with her kids did not constitute “work” will backfire and help unite conservatives around Romney and his wife faster than anything Romney could have done to bridge the gap.

People are already getting sick of Obama and his cronies’ political class warfare. Hope and Change has deteriorated into divide and demonize.

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  1. Bob Ellis

    Yes, if you look beyond Mitt Romney’s liberal record of implementing freedom-robbing government health care on people, promoting abortion, facilitating counterfeit marriage, and environmental regulations that pay homage to the religion of anthropogenic global warming, then yes, there might be some slim chance that the Democrats typical boorish behavior might “galavinize conservatives” to support an otherwise obvious facsimile of Barack Obama with an “R” after his name.

    I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

    1. delegate

      Oh Bob you are the 1% that is never happy. You and your clan run around burning Daugaard and Noem signs in effigy. No one cares what you or Gordon Howie think.

      Yes as a non Romney supporter in the primary and one who has said I would not vote for him I find myself a little less anti Romney. I also find myself really liking his wife. My anti Romney attitude is softening.

      Soon you will be the last lonely hold out. Have fun BOBBY!

  2. Anonymous

    Ann Romney is a great lady and the attacks against her resonate with many women who raise their kids exactly like she does. There is nothing wrong with a stay at home mom or dad.

  3. oldguy

    During the last campaign didn’t Obama say lay off my wife? I can’t see how this is going to help Obama as most woman would love to stay at home raising the kids and understand just how hard of work that is.

  4. veldy

    I wouldn’t doubt that the whole thing was staged so Obama and Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz could paint themselves as being above the fray by denouncing the remarks.

    1. Anonymous

      Veldy are you paranoid? But I know you are thinking like the slutty sandra fluke and Trayvon Martin.

  5. Anonymous

    Willard Romney makes $21.6 million a year without working. Why should his wife work?

    Divide Willard’s income by 365 and he makes $59,178 per day. So when he challenged Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet he was only wagering 4 hours worth of his income. At his rate of earning, Ann Romney can buy a Cadillac every day.

    I have to agree it’s not wise to attack a candidate’s spouse. In this case there is plenty to attack the candidate himself. What does Romney know about the struggles of the average American family with both parents working and still living from paycheck to paycheck? Zilch!

    If Romney wins, who is he gonna side with: The 1% or the 99%? Wall Street or Main Street? NASCAR viewers or NASCAR owners? Those who do the firing, or those being fired? You know the answer to these questions.

    1. sdpride

      He has never been homeless so I guess he can’t represent them well. Never been in the military so he can’t lead them. Never been a farmer so he can’t represent them. Come to think of it neither has Obama. Guess I will just have to continue my quest to find a candidate who has had every possible life experience.

      1. Anonymous

        The one thing the homeless, farmers and military members have in common is they all have to deal with economics, juggle bills, that sort of thing. Romney was born a millionaire and had everything handed to him.

        You and I, DWC reader, are the people Romney fires – not the people he watches the Superbowl with. He doesn’t have a clue how non-country club Americans live. Does he socialize with anyone at all who isn’t a millionaire? How many nannies raised his kids? Has he ever mowed his own lawn?

        1. duggersd

          The people he fires are the people who do not perform. If a business does not/can not make a profit, he closed them. If you look at that quote about liking to be able to fire people, he was referring to people who were not doing their job.

          1. Bill Fleming

            He fired lots of people who were doing their job just fine, duggerSD. That’s what turnaround guys do sometimes. They gut the assests of companies and rake off the cream for the stockholders whether the worker is doing a good job or not. The quality of the workforce doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s all about the bottom line for the stockholders, who typically don’t do any work at all. I’ve seen it go down dozens of times personally and have reviewed the strategies of quite a few turn-around guys. Even had a few as clients “back in the day.” It was eye opening to say the least.

            1. duggersd

              You seem to have missed the part about the business not making a profit. BTW, yes it is about the stockholders. If the stockholders are not happy there is no company at all.

              1. ymous

                Who are the stockholders?
                Pension Plans
                ect ect. WE are the shareholders. Just because somebodys doing their job doesnt mean life time employment. If a profit cant be made management is not doing their job and should be fired,

                  1. duggersd

                    Wrong again, Sir William. My point included two prongs. In his quote about liking to fire people, that is what he was talking about. The thing is, you know it but choose to ignore it. That is how you operate, have truths.

              2. Bill Fleming

                I didn’t miss the point. That’s a different point. I was countering your claim that the workers deserved to be fired because they weren’t doing a good job. Now that you see what BS it was, you want to change your story? Fine with me. Just don’t try to make your stupidity my stupidity, duggerSD (a fairly common GOP trick, btw.)

        2. sdpride

          You are still avoiding what I said. Economics is just one part of what the President deals with.

          If you can’t lead the “middle class” if you haven’t been a part of it, how can any candidate lead the military if they haven’t served? How can they propose legislation impacting farmers if they haven’ been one? How can they do the same for the homeless if they haven’t been one?

          In all these cases the candidates didn’t live as one of the people being impacted. According to your logic that means they can’t lead or pass laws regarding those people.

          Of course a rational person would recognize that the President doesn’t do things on his own and has a wide range of advisors who come for a variety of backgrounds. But don’t let that stop you from your class warfare.

          1. Bill Fleming

            Correct, Romney doesn’t have any experience leading the country out of a recession or through a rough passage of foriegn diplomacy.

            His opponant, Barack Obama does.

            Three years of it.

            Romney does have a little experience trying to create jobs in Mass, but that didn’t work out so hot. Obama has more experience there too. He’s created about 4 million so far. Still more to go, but the last guy in office (GWB) didn’t net out with any.
            And neither did Romney in Mass.

            And uniting their own party? I’d say Obama gets the leadership nod there.

            BUT on health care, they kinda have about the same experience. In fact Obama based his plan on Romney’s.

            So chalk up one for the Mittster.

            Except, oh, wait. He doesn’t like his plan anymore. Says it wad a bad idea. Some leader huh? Doesn’t even know when he did something right. LOL.

            1. duggersd

              If this is an example of Obama’s leadership, BTW, his style is a divide and conquer style, then I would just as soon sit this “recovery” out. Reagan had no experience in leading a recovery and you see the difference. Obama’s leadership is over a cliff. No thanks. And if Obama has created 4 million jobs, how about all of those jobs he lost? It is still a net loss. And I would not call that “creating a job”. Government does not create jobs except in the public sector.

              1. ymous

                exactly. Romney has far and away more experience then Obama did at this point three years ago and look where it has gotten us. Come on Billy, you can do way better then that BS.

              2. duggersd

                But, but, but, Obama has more experience now. He KNOWS how to run a country into the ground.

          2. Anonymous

            Class warfare. That’s what Romney and the GOP are doing when they argue that high earners should pay lower tax rates than working people, and no taxes on inheritances. They are waging class warfare on behalf of the 1% and against the 99%.

            And all of those GOP tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the 1% are blowing a hole in the national budget. As Bill Fleming notes, the Bush tax cuts didn’t create any jobs either – just a windfall for the wealthy that our grandkids will pay for. Do we need more of those policies? Nah.

            1. ymous

              This whole post is pure BS. Bush had very good unemployment numbers and created many more jobs then the community organizer (is that a paid position by the way?) ever has. Get off your talking points and think for yourself and research the facts.

              1. Bill Fleming

                Yeah, I guess you’re right, ymous. Over President Bush?s entire presidency, the private sector created a net 188,000 jobs. Obama’s been doing more than that every month for the last few months. We should probably get off the talking points, huh? ;^)

  6. Anonymous

    my stock went down today ita all Obamas fault I also had to fill up at a gas station where gasahol went down 20 cents its all Obamas fault.

  7. Job Creator

    This was not the first, nor was it the last inappropriate comment made during a campaign by someone whose opinion does not count. This should be a fantastic campaign season and having the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s decision to not let Kristi have a free run this election. The South Dakota Dems don’t have enough guts to make it rough on her, but the outside interests do. It’s going to be flat-out entertaining!

  8. Ivan

    Damn that Romney for being smart enough, hard working, and having the intelligence to make enough money so his family did’nt have to suffer.
    The insolence of the man to give his inheritance to charity and make it on his own. Hell he even raised a family without any government handouts. What a poor example of an American success story.

  9. Bill Fleming

    Lessons learned here:
    1. Being a mom is a hard job.
    2. There is bipartisan agreement on this.
    3. The GOP is grabbing at straws to bridge a gender gap of their own creation.

    1. duggersd

      More lessons to be learned:
      1. Democrats give lip service to respecting women. (Um, bad choice of words perhaps remembering a certain former President)
      2. Democrat operatives will sacrifice themselves saying stupid things so the White House can look magnanimous in disagreeing. They even send the NOW lady to double down.
      3. Democrats will manufacture an issue to make it appear there is a war on women, i.e., not allowing birth control (some people would call this lying).
      4. Obama’s policies have hurt women in the workplace but they don’t want to talk about that.
      5. Liberal women’s groups only respect women who choose to stay home if the home moms are liberal.
      6. President Obama started it all when he said he and his wife did not have the “luxury” to have a mom stay at home. I bet tax records would show otherwise, that they might not have been rich, but they could have managed as many other people have.

  10. Clay Bill

    More lessons learned:
    1. Romney says he understands what American women are struggling with because he talks with his wife, and his wife talks with American women.
    2. Thus, Romney is showing (once again) how detached he is from the struggles facing men, and especially women, in the “real world.” And the fact that he claim he seeks insight on this issue from his wife, whose experiences as a stay-at-home mom and working mother are hardly “typical,” only reminds us all that he doesn’t have a clue about the day to day challenges women face.
    3. Bill, as usual, is wrong. This is hardly a galvanizing issue for conservatives. It is simply fodder to fill the 24-hour cycle on cable news.

    1. M.D.

      This is a gift for the Romney campaign brought to us by over zealous liberals who think conservative women are dumb bible lovers.

  11. Anonymous

    Managing the maids and the cook and the nanny and the gardener is hard work. One might even need a personal assistant to do all of that for one.

  12. troy


    Getting those “out of touch” rich guy and experience talking pointsd down?

    Funny. Don’t recall you saying anything about Kerry’ wealth or Obama’ inexperience. But to your point, Romney has more years running governments and big organizations than your guy. Wouldn’t go there oif I were you.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Troy. True story. When Kerry was running for Prez, he made an off-hand comment about how it really didn’t matter to him if he won or not, because he had his rich wife, and hadn’t resigned his senate seat, etc. and it made my stomach turn. I voted for him, but I wasn’t happy about it. He’s never been a favorite of mine. And the reason you didn’t hear about it is that you and I didn’t know each other then.

      And back to your point. No, Romney has not had more experience being POTUS during a war and a recession, Mr. Jones. Very few people have, actually. Nice try though. ;^)

      1. ymous

        Come on Bill. Your guy had zero experience in management (and about everything else) 3 years ago. Romneys resume is far and away better. Your argument is lame at best.

        1. Bill Fleming

          My argument is impeccable, ymous. You may not like the truth of it, but it is the absolute truth. Mitt Romney has ZERO experience being President of the United States, compared to Barack Obama. It’s just a plain, simple fact on its face. Not even discussable.

          1. ymous

            Yeah-It’s the chiken and the egg theory. Great argument for a no experience president that gained his experience by becoming president.

            With that logic, I could be president of Apple computer with no resume then use my experience from being president of Apple to become the CEO of GE. That would never fly in the corporate world but lighting struck for his election. I stand my ground and your argument is lame at best my friend with all due respect.

            1. Bill Fleming

              With all due respect back, ymous, you should probably use a different argument. The experience one isn’t cuttin’ it. ;^)

      2. duggersd

        There is a BIG difference between being “employed” and having experience. Right now, we have a guy who has “experience”, but he really lacks successful experience. The only people claiming the economy is good are people who are in the tank for Obama. The “recovery” is extremely slow when compared to others. And the “mess” he had was not necessarily as bad as say the one Reagan inherited. The only real experience we see here is a guy who just says it is Bush’s fault. BTW, the closest things that are successes in this Administration are the things that are the extension of Bush policies. Experience indeed!

        1. Anonymous

          When Obama took office the economy was on the edge of total collapse and a depression. A bigger stimulus would have done more to turn the economy around, but it wasn’t politically possible.

          Obama has done a pretty good job with the economy considering where it was when he started. And he saved the American auto industry with its millions of jobs the GOP was willing to let go.

          And surprisingly enough, President Obama’s strength lies with foreign policy. Osama dead. Iraq over. Ghadafi gone without American troops. Afghanistan winding down.

          President Obama is solid all the way around. I shudder to think where we would be with McCain Palin right now.

          1. So Proud!

            But yet you need to hide your name from endorsing the great job he has done.

            Such a great job that our economy is in the toilet and the $$ worth less then toilet paper in foreign countries.

            American confidence in America is at an all time low.

            Nationalization of the banking, auto, & health industry (because that worked so well in communist Russia).

            1. Troy Jones

              I agree. Calling this fiasco pretty good is like going to the hospital with pneumonia and coming home amputee and saying”well I can at least breathe. “

              1. Bill Fleming

                Nothing killing the Bush tax cuts won’t solve, Troy. Plus, we’d be in a lot better shape if the GOP govs hadn’t fired all the teachers. LOL.

                Fact is, when somebody runs the economy into the brick wall for 8 years in a row, it’s going to take at least half as long to clean up the mess ;^)

                1. So Proud!

                  Yes, because it is wrong and bad for the economy when the people are able to keep their own money. Government can spend it much wiser.


                  But what do I know, CA enacted so many lovely liberal policies and see how great they are doing… Oops! Exactly!

                  1. Bill Fleming

                    Betting on the Bush Tax Cuts to create a trickle-down effect (supply side voodoo), betting on two extended wars to be short and cheap, betting on Iraqis and Afghans to get along with other, think of us as heros and role models, and peacefully embrace liberao democracy, betting on the housing bubble to get bigger, bettin on it to collapse, betting on bad loans, betting against bad bets… we don’t need an election, we need to send all our “leaders” to addiction treatment centers. LOL.

  13. Troy Jones Post author

    Fair enough Bill. And just like Ford brought in a guy with no car experience to turn around Ford, we will bring in a guy with no Presidential experience to turn around the United States.

    Some guys just can’t cut it. Obama is one.

    1. Bill Fleming

      LOL, Troy. It was either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin. We’ll just have to guess where we’d be if it had been the latter. I’ll just file here that I believe the good citizens made the right call, all things considered.

      McCain might have got us into some really nasty stuff with his hawkishness. And the lovely Ms. P. would no doubt have resigned by now. Either that, or driven Mitch McC, Johns McC & Boehner completely nuts. ;^)


      On the flip side, the Tea Party may never have happened, and the Dems would actually be able to get stuff passed through Congress.

  14. Charlie Hoffman

    Bill the reason the Dems only get one shot at any piece of legislation and then get sent home again is because they keep driving that Government Loves You and Wants U 2 be happy car up to the mountain top realizing they forgot to install brakes on that old girl once they summit.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Funny Charlie. I’d like to see a picture of that ol’ beater. Maybe even take ‘er for a spin myself. LOL.

  15. Elais


    Let me correct you, sir, on your list.

    1. Republicans give no lip service to respecting women and women’s rights, instead they flat out denigrate women and take away their rights.
    Republicans operatives will sacrifice themselves saying stupid things so that Mitt Romney can look moderate to independents when he gets the nomination.
    3. Republicans will manufacture an issue to make it appear there is is class warfare (some people would call this lying).
    4. GOP policies have hurt women’s rights but they don?t want to talk about that.
    5. Conservative women?s groups only respect women who choose to stay home.
    6. Mitt Romney started it all when he had the luxury to have Ann stay at home.