Gas prices continue to climb

It must be Bush’s fault… Yeah that’s what I thought.

Retail gasoline prices in Sioux Falls increased 11.7 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.85 per gallon Sunday, according to

The national average increased 4.3 cents per gallon in the last week, to $3.80 per gallon.

Sioux Falls? average prices are 33.4 cents higher than the same day one year ago, and 38.7 cents per gallon higher than a month ago.

Under Obama and his energy secretary Steven Chu, we’ll be paying European prices for gasoline in no time. Coincidence or not? I might consider giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and accept the idea that he can’t do anything to stop the rise in gas prices, but for the fact that he hired an energy secretary who publicly stated that we must ?boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.?

The first thing he could do to convince me he cares about gas prices would be to fire the guy who wishes they were sky high.

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  1. My opinion...

    It is getting expensive at the pump. When Obama loses this will be his undoing.

    If he wants to win reelection his next stimulus better be $100 gas cards.

  2. Anonymous

    Too bad we kicked Bachmann out of the race. I think she said she could have it down to $2.00 immediately after she got elected.

  3. 73*

    Still finding it expensive to fill up the Denali XL. Very frustrating this Mr. Obama is…

    Had I known he wanted to raise prices to Europe’s level I’d have purchased that new Kia Optima.

    1. Anonymous

      Some people do not have the luxury to buy a new car, or even just a used one. They are stuck driving the one they have had for years. Obama’s policies, no drilling in ANWR, no Keystone pipeline, Gulf Coast drilling moratorium, etc will haunt us for years to come.

  4. Anonymous

    If we would just give more taxpayer subsidies or tax breaks to the oil companies, or let them pump oil from public lands for free or almost free maybe they would lower prices. It would also help lower prices if we eliminated environmental regulations and capped oil company financial responsibility for spills. Why won’t Obama do what needs to be done?

    1. Anonymous

      Why go overboard as per your suggestions? We’ve had the enviromental protections in place for decades. The average price of gas when Obama took over was about $1.80. Now it is nearing $4. Has nothing to do with the extreme crap you are we need to get it down.

  5. Anonymous

    All the people we have in our prisons, if we would make them work for oil companies for $1 an hour it would give the prisoners work ethic and lower gas prices at the same time. Let’s make it happen!

    1. Anonymous

      Sure, take away jobs from the lawabiding person, take away their ability to support their families. You are joking of course but the high gas prices is no joke for the average family.

  6. Anonymous

    If you can afford a Denali you can afford the gas.My advice get a used car with these prices you should park it and get one with decent mileage.The time is not for show but to go.

    1. duggersd

      It is interesting how you are able to judge that because someone owns something they can afford something else. As I drive down I-90, I see all kinds of large vehicles pulling large boats and some with large campers as well. As I told my wife, when someone has $40,000 to $80,000 tied up in a rig, they are not going to let it sit at home because it costs another $100 to go fishing for the weekend. However, I do believe people will go fewer times. This is where we are going to see the effects of the higher prices on our economy.

      1. Poor MPG - Too bad liberals

        Because someone drives a Suburban or Denali or whatever doesn’t matter to me.

        It does matter to the left. They don’t like someone driving such a large vehicle.

        But you know what? In SD we have snow that means we need a 4×4. If I’m going to drive a 4×4 it doesn’t really matter which one I drive because they all get the same MPG. If I drove my old rusty truck it would get somewhere between 13-16 MPG so I might aswell drive an something new and nice.

        It’s only liberal leftists who don’t like people who drive big and nice cars. I like my Navigator. I’ll drive it and gas shouldn’t be expensive regardless of what I drive. My kids Honda Civic costs about 35$-40$ to fill it up.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Naw. I have a kind of a big car. Used to be a LandCruiser but now, it’s a Honda Pilot. I’d get an American SUV but they all suck. LOL. (…my union buddies are gonna thump me now.)

          1. duggersd

            Isn’t the Honda Pilot built in Lincoln, Alabama? I know liberals do not believe Alabama is America, but others do. Unless you have an older one built in Ontario, but most people consider Canada to be America as well. So if American SUV’s suck and this is built in America does it suck or not? Just askin’

            1. Bill Fleming

              Don’t know, DuggerSD. I didn’t ask them where they built it. But as for Alabama, I’m not sure if they’ve decided to join the Union yet or not. Do you know?

              1. Anonymous

                If you started paying attention to where things were built and chose to buy products made in America you would help put Americans back to work.

  7. SDMike

    The good thing is the lines are short and quicker at the gas pumps now, but that’s another story – I really thing the elitist enviromentalist should be given a fuel surcharge at the pump – so that they can pay for their enviromental policy and green energy loans. They are nothing but a bunch of twits!!!

  8. A message from Steven Chu - Secretary of Energy

    Suckers! Now that I’m the Energy Secretary for the United State of America you will soon be paying European gas prices! Soon all of that extra money you were enjoying in your pocket from the trillion dollar stimulus will be going to gas pumps…

    At some point it will be too expensive to drive that you will need to quit working because you will be losing money to work. You will then become dependents on the Government dime. Creating another class of people who depend on Mr. Obama.

    Sorry but it’s all part of a bigger plan…

  9. Anonymous

    I’m thinking of going back and getting one of those 3 cylinder Geo Metro’s that pulled down 50 mpg.

    If you see a little Geo Metro cruising around that is me protesting Obama.

  10. Job Creator

    Just imagine all the progress (sorry for using that word – I used the thesaurus but couldn’t find a more suitable one) we could make if we all spent our brain capital finding ways to make ourselves more energy-efficient and focus on the benefits of conservation. If we did that, we would be enjoying far lower energy costs. I prefer to be more solution-conscious, rather than focusing in the “problem.”

    1. duggersd

      One of the solutions is to use an all of the above strategy. While I agree conserving energy makes sense, it really only makes sense on the individual level. I don’t want to spend so much on heating my house, so I set the thermostat lower. I don’t like spending so much money on gas, so I stay home more and do not eat out or go to the movies or go camping or fishing as often.
      There are other solutions that could help put downward pressure on the price of energy, but there are too many road blocks in the way. There is a proposal to build a pipeline. Most of that is being blocked by the administration. There is a company that wants to refine oil here in SD. Several people are trying to block that. We could be drilling in places such as ANWR or on the continental shelf. There are federal blocks on that.
      We have to focus on the problem in order to come up with solutions. If and when our economy grows, it will need more energy, not less.

      1. Job Creator

        Dugger, you are right that increasing the supply could have a positive impact on prices. I will maintain always that conservation, efficiencies and alternatives will be the trump card that we absolutely must play for the long-term.

        1. duggersd

          So how many fewer miles are you going to drive? Or are you going to buy a new car? Of course we have cars that get better mileage than previous ones, but at what cost? That cost is in dollars and human lives. The main way of increasing mileage is by reducing weight. One estimate indicates dropping 100 lbs. leads to a 5.5% increase in fatalities. Unfortunately that study is older and I do not know if there are any newer studies, but some of those studies are rather scary.

        1. toga

          Because Obama screwed up the economy… and because we progress as a society for a short time does not mean that is an eternal fix.

          But in all seriousness gas prices weren’t that high in 2008. NObama 2012.

  11. springer

    I think people are well aware of the benefits of conservation and being energy efficient. Finding alternative energy is also laudable. BUT it DOES NOT work right now. The world is still dependent on oil for a multitude of things, not just gas, that are not possible to change over to “green” at this moment. Use the resources we have (drilling in ANWR, the Gulf – after all, Obama is letting China do it and giving money to Brazil to do it, so what’s his problem with the US doing the same thing on the same lands) while working on developing alternative energy at a pace that is successful. Throwing money at things like Solyndra etc is a huge and wasteful use of our taxpayer dollars in the manner the great O did it; there is proof he knew Solyndra was in trouble and still gave our dollars to them! Shameful!!

    O’s policies are the thing driving the value of the dollar down which also is a huge factor in the rising cost of gas. And Chu has the audacity to give himself an “A” on his job performance. Or course, in his mind he is doing exactly what he wants so I guess in his mind he does rate an A. Trouble is, that leaves the rest of the country with an F in their pocketbooks. And O said the same thing as Chu during the campaign, so he is dancing for joy too as he is getting his way.

    We can only hope that the people are now sufficiently onto his grand plan and see him for what he is and that come November he takes up residence back in Chicago in his dwelling there on his 1 1/2 lots that he got thru a shady deal. Maybe when he has to buy his own gas and actually drive himself he will care a little more!

    1. Job Creator

      Springer, you have a legitimate gripe with Solyndra. But you fail to mention all the other projects that are showing dramatic results. Of course, these alternatives are HARD now, but the AMERICAN WAY is to make the impossible into the possible. I can’t figure out why so many of you otherwise-intelligent people can’t grasp that concept. This challenge is the ultimate American challenge. We should grasp it and conquer it. I guess many of us will, despite your complaints and nay-saying.

      1. springer

        You evidently did not read my post very carefully. I said that that we must continue to pursue alternative energy, but at a more responsible pace. You are correct that we Americans make the impossible possible, but that doesn’t mean it is going to happen overnight. While we address alternative energy, we should not give up using our own resources that we know to work and on which we depend. That is irresponsible. Right now we need oil. And we also need coal to make the electricity that the much lauded Volt etc need to keep running in lieu of that demon gasoline; this little truth is something the “greenies” fail to mention at all. So while Obama says “all of the above,” I agree; and that includes using our available natural resources NOW. This is a concept Obama and all his naysayers should grasp and conquer.

  12. Winston

    The current gasoline prices are do to speculation and collusion. Hell,
    under the last administration, the Halliburton Regime was definitely
    pro oil and they still had $4.00 a gallon gasoline (before their economy
    tanked) and you Republicans sat in pure silence. Why are you complaining now? I tell you why, because this whole play on increases in gasoline prices is an attempt by Big Oil and the Republican Party to unseat Obama and the Democrats.

    We are finally recovering from the dust of the Bush collapse and you
    Republicans are pulling every trick out of the book you can find to try to stop growth under a Democratic President, who happens to be up for re-election. Your tactics are unpatriotic and disgusting, but then again
    you are the Party which gave us “W.” and then Palin, back to back incompetence, in attempts to win at any cost even if the nation’s
    future is put in jeopardy.

      1. Anonymous

        Start counting your missing screws and let us know how many you’ve lost. You’ll be the litmus test.

  13. ymous

    That has got to be one of the dumbest post I’ve read in while. I’m as a liberal it made you “feel good, like a tingle up your leg” but was void of any facts to back it up. Which sums up most liberal positions. Please support your positions with facts. What a waste!