Gates to Governors: Reward teachers by performance

Being a Mac girl, Bill Gates is not my guy — but the Microsoft founder spoke to the nations governors about education spending and I’d imagine that teachers wouldn’t give the gagazillionare a passing grade for his advocacy for performance based pay.   In the article — the headline being “Gates: Spending cuts don’t have to harm learning” Gates prepared to speak to the nation’s governors’ taking a new approach to compensating teachers….

“There are people in the field who think class size is the only thing,” Gates said in an interview with The Associated Press prior to his speech. “But in fact, the dominant factor is having a great teacher in front of the classroom.”

Among his recommendations on what not to do, Gates told governors that they should not use furloughs to reduce costs because it’s only a temporary fix that leaves compensation demands intact for future years. Nor should they put more dollars into compensating teachers based on the advanced degrees they’ve obtained and their years of service as a teacher. He said the ideal scenario would be to classify teachers and to compensate them based on how well their students learned.   emphasis added

Maybe Gates is just bitter because most educators prefer Macs…or maybe he’s just speaking common sense.

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  1. Shamrock

    Can we pay the executive branch based on performance? For example, when the Governor fails to deliver any noticable results from the 22% of contractor’s excise tax he’s had his yes-men in the legislature divert into his economic slush fund, can we cut his pay? Can we fire a few of his family members for good measure? When legislators pass laws the unnecessarily intrude on the rights of women and the state is on the hook for millions of dollars defending challenges to these affronts to freedom, can we bill the legislator(s) that are responsible?

  2. SDMike

    Plus then get rid of the crappy teachers – treat them like any other employee in the workplace – you do a good job you’ll be compensated for it – do a crappy job your terminated!!!

  3. DVR

    I advocate for performance-based pay as long as the metrics for measuring performance are useful, scientifically defensible, and multi-faceted (i.e., not based solely on test results). I look forward to Gates’ study on performance measurements as mentioned in the article.

  4. Duh

    Oh NO!! Say it isn’t so… teachers have to prove themselves? They have to actually make their students smarter??? Tenure is no longer the kevlar vest against accountability?? Oh the humanity…

  5. school

    I’m not an educator, but a former student…
    I like this type of creative thinking….Because of bureaucracy, it may not be feasable, but the concept sure makes sense. Some of my favorite college prof’s spoke to a hundred of us, and had cheap assistants doing grunt work of grading/etc…Some prof’s were worthless paper/test pushers that were not value-added. Whats wrong with paying more for results? It motivates results, promotes efficiencies, while solving problems associated with complacency. Oh, and for the students—Great teachers make learning more interesting, which makes them better students.


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