Get me the "Barth-bag"

I was hoping congressional candidate Jeff Barth wouldn’t unravel until after he defeated the Tim Johnson heir, Matt Varilek, in the primary, but he is already doing so in a rapid fashion. From David Montgomery’s new blog:

Jeff Barth was recently criticized by Republicans for saying their health plan would leave people who aren?t ?healthy or wealthy? to ?die quickly.? He didn?t back down, intensifying his language to say Republicans ?want to kill millions of Americans.?

Montgomery also caught Barth talking about more than a little nonsense:

Talking about Noem, Barth said:

?I don?t know why she doesn?t answer any of those questions about her fictitious support for a balanced budget, or her final solution for people on Medicare.?

Comparing people to Hitler is almost never a good idea.

Good catch Mr. Montgomery.

What a sad state to see so many wing nuts in the Democratic Party flocking to this guy. Jeff Barth might as well be the Alan Grayson of South Dakota.

“CLUNK! CLUNK!” Sounds like the wheels are already coming off of the Barth bus…

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  1. Anonymous

    Barth will soon realize that this isn’t what people liked him for. It was his common sense style not this trash the other person as evil crap.

  2. Elais

    How many times have I seen Republicans compare Obama to Hitler, Stalin, or Satan? I feel for poor Hitler, being abused by both parties.

    I’m pretty disgusted that you’re all of a sudden claiming Democrats are wing-nuts and flocking to Barth. Hyperbole, insulting and stupid.

    Don’t you consider us all wing-nuts anyways?

    1. insomniac

      I have never seen anyone on the SDWC compare any liberal to Hitler or Stalin so that isn’t a good defense of Jeff Barth being a dip shit.

      He started it! He did it first! He’s doing it also!

        1. Smokin' Aces

          Wait that isn’t true.

          Stace Nelson frequently refers to Val Rausch as Hitler on here. (Clearly because Rausch is equally evil and not just short) But that is GOP on GOP action not GOP on Dem so I don’t think this example really counts.

  3. Troy Jones Post author

    I couldn’t be more disappointed in Barth. One time, it could be dismissed as a hyperbolic exaggeration. Twice, an intentional characterization. At some point and at some level, the respective parties need to police their own. The body politic is not served when policy disagreements cause comparisons to Hitler or accusations of corruption.

  4. Bill Fleming

    “The question is not whether we will be extremist but what kind of extremist will we be.”

    Martin Luther King From “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” April 16, 1963


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