Get your IM22 beatdown on! Send me your DEFEAT 22 Photos!

The Defeat Initiated Measure 22 campaign kicked off yesterday, and it’s time for South Dakotans to tell the out of State politicians that we don’t need government subsidies to fund our political campaigns.

While Democrats and out-of-staters might need it, most South Dakotans think it’s just crazy talk – and it’s time to let our flag fly.  As Candidate for State House Tom Pischke posted to his facebook account yesterday…

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.02.44 AM

Take a picture of yourself with a “Defeat 22” sign, banner, or t-shirt on, and e-mail it to me here – and I’ll post it to show your support for keeping taxpayer dollars out of the pockets of politicians, and keep them finding teachers, roads, and law enforcement.

11 Replies to “Get your IM22 beatdown on! Send me your DEFEAT 22 Photos!”

  1. Jaa Dee

    Why do opponents never mention what 22 actually does?
    This measure extensively revises State campaign finance laws. It requires additional disclosures and increased reporting. It lowers contribution amounts to political action committees; political parties; and candidates for statewide, legislative, or county office. It also imposes limits on contributions from candidate campaign committees, political action committees, and political parties.

    The measure creates a publicly funded campaign finance program for statewide and legislative candidates who choose to participate and agree to limits on campaign contributions and expenditures. Under the program, two $50 ‘credits’ are issued to each registered voter, who assigns them to participating candidates. The credits are redeemed from the program, which is funded by an annual State general-fund appropriation of $9 per registered voter. The program fund may not exceed $12 million at any time.

    The measure creates an appointed ethics commission to administer the credit program and to enforce campaign finance and lobbying laws.

    The measure prohibits certain State officials and high-level employees from lobbying until two years after leaving State government. It also places limitations on lobbyists’ gifts to certain state officials and staff members.

    1. Springer

      “credits are redeemed from the program, which is funded by an annual State general-fund appropriation of $9 per registered voter.” This in a nutshell is what is wrong with this program. The cost is coming out of the general fund, i.e. my taxpayer dollars. This $12 million is going to come from what program – your roads and bridges and teacher pay? It just doesn’t appear out of thin air without coming from some other place. Unless of course, the plan is to raise taxes in some way to cover this.

    2. Springer

      Just another way for Dems to fund their campaigns since they are so evidently unable to do so otherwise (or even field viable candidates).

    3. Anonymous

      Jae Dee, You act as though limits on our Constitutional rights are a good thing. Limiting contributions to PACs, parties, and candidates stifles people’s ability to be heard, and limiting what candidates can spend limits their free speech. Furthermore, your so-called disclosure methods are a means by which liberals hope to silence conservative opponents through intimidation, which is a further violation of their right of free speech and it is a violation of their right to privacy. Lastly, prohibiting former officials from lobbying is a violation of their rights of free enterprise and speech.

      1. Jaa Dee

        My goodness you poor victims—Are you people incapable of embarrassment? Naww, Trump supporters.

        1. Anonymous

          When people lose arguments on the basis of substance, they resort to name calling and/or sarcasm. You, Jae Dee, proved that true once again!

  2. Jaa Dee

    When is the last time you voted for any kind of committee member? Schhheeezzee, now to “you people” ethics is a conspiracy theory..Any state that can produce this kind of willful ignorance deserves what it gets…

  3. Anonymous

    The math doesn’t add up…looks like only about 20% of the the peoplewould get to exercise their democracy credits…$50M in proposed credits and only $12M appropriated….

    This IM is terribly flawed…..

  4. grudznick

    This is for people too ashamed to run with a (D) next to their name and who can’t get their own donors. It’s that simple.