Getting ready for Day 1 of convention…. quiet, so far.

While others departed the Ramkota Lounge last evening in search of chicken wings and excitement in the northern town of Aberdeen South Dakota, I inexplicably stayed in, and got a good night’s sleep. That possibly marks the official end of my youth, when I value a good night’s sleep over a night on the town.

IMG_2917However, it helped me get a fresh start to the day, as I bounded out of my hotel room with vigor and enthusiasm and….. Hey! Where is everybody? I stayed in for a good nights’ sleep only to find that few are up and about.

The rooms and halls are deserted at least for another hour or two as people wander around waiting for the platform and resolution committees. I did run into current State Rep & Senate Candidate Jim Bolin as he waited for his committee to begin. Marty Jackley’s major domo Jeromy Pankratz is also busy getting things ready, as he prepares the way for the Attorney General and Gubernatorial hopeful to arrive and host a room tonight. (Mark Mickelson is hosting a hospitality room as well; I hear that Kara Beck – most recently of the Augie CR’s – is helping with that DSC_5294 (2)room.)

My Daughter Sydney, State Vice Chair of the Teenage Republicans found out that her chair isn’t coming, so she received late notice that she’s addressing the convention tomorrow, so she’s busy writing her speech. I told her to keep it short and light. Thankfully, she’s before floor discussion on platform & resolutions, so It’s the best chance she has for getting out in one piece. I assured her that people are not allowed fruit at the tables.

As I’m troubleshooting my equipment so I can write all this up and upload photos, it looks like things are starting to perk up. Back to the convention!

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