Getting the most bang for the buck

The Knudson’s are making the most of their sign designs. First it was Dave (aka “Mr. Fix it!” and former Senate Majority Leader) for Governor.

Dave Knudson for Governor (2010 GOP Primary)

Then along came Dave’s wife De who is running for the Sioux Falls City Council again.

De Knudson for City Council

I’m going to assume De’s commitment to recycling compelled the use of the signs. In fact I liked De’s logo when I first saw it. It paid a nice tribute to Dave’s gubernatorial campaign. But then along came their son Mike (who is running as a Democrat) and decided to use the same design…

Mike Knudson for Distict 12 House

It isn’t the first time a logo has been used for more than one candidate, but in one election year with more than one family member using it, I will say it seems a little odd. Maybe it’s just me but if Mike is going to run as a Dem, the least Dave and De could have done was ask him to get his own design.

It’s sad to see the “Mr. Fix it” slogan didn’t make it onto either of the updated logos.


21 Replies to “Getting the most bang for the buck”

  1. insomniac

    They must think Dave is much more popular in Sioux Falls than the rest of the voters.

    Dave doesn’t carry that much weight. Especially now that he’s lost so much.

  2. 73*

    I was aware that De’s signs were like Dave’s but I had no idea that his kid was following in the family business aswell.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought that family was loaded? Can’t they afford their own designs?

    I hope Kermit wins in the council race…

  4. TruthSpeaks

    If Dave was governor we wouldn’t have nearly the mess we have now. Electing DD was a HUGE error by our party. Dave would have brought a rational voice rather than a talking suit.

    1. Anonymous

      Well said TruthSpeaks. “MR” Clay’s blind hatred of everything democratic has him hating signs now? This blog needs to end.

      1. Jammer

        Progressive liberal control of the Democratic Party is what needs to end. Then maybe all of the wimpy RINO’S will go where they belong and leave the Republican Party to the true conservatives.

      1. Anonymous

        What’s up with the hate for Sanford?

        Guessing it’s part of that whole “In South Dakota we understand hardship and suffering…it’s success we can’t deal with” mentality.”

        Just out of curiosity anon, delegate and Winston…was Dave’s role in making SD a regional center for medicine a bad thing? Is having a great health care system and medical research here in SD a bad thing?

        I eagerly await your answers while I think of all of the jobs, revenue and more importantly access to world class health services that might not have happened if Dave weren’t around.

          1. grudznick

            Don’t have one then. I’m a very old man and I have no credit cards that give me free money and bind my granddaughter or great granddaughter to pay off my appetites.

            People who do stupid things are stupid and have to pay for being stupid. That is what stupid is. Don’t be stupid.

      1. Arrowhead


        No one cares what your snarky little blog does. Based on what I have read on your blog you are the dipshit. Have a blast patting yourself on the back and making fun of snooki noem…

        Last I checked you didn’t have Mike’s design on yours and that is much more interesting to me than what De does. Dave’s signs went out of commission and De revamped the deal now her son is doing that also. Two people running with the same signs? That is interesting to me. A former candidates wife using her husbands signs? Not very uncommon. What I find interesting is the fact that Knudson’s are all lining up behind Dave.


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