Gingrich: Super Committee "suicidally stupid"

Newt Gingrich

One of the best lines of the previous CNN Republican presidential debate came from Newt Gingrich when discussing the super committee created in the debt ceiling negotiations. The super committee compromise is one of the issues that made me more upset with Congress than I have been in a long time. I think this quote from Gingrich pretty much sums up a lot of people’s feelings.

I mean, if you want to understand how totally broken Washington is, look at this entire model of the super committee, which has now got a magic number to achieve. And if it doesn’t achieve the magic number, then we’ll all have to shoot ourselves in the head so that when they come back with a really dumb idea to merely cut off our right leg, we’ll all be grateful that they’re only semi-stupid instead of being totally stupid.

Now, the idea that you have a bunch of historically illiterate politicians who have no sophistication about national security
trying to make a numerical decision about the size of the defense budget tells you everything you need to know about the bankruptcy of the current elite in this country in both parties. The fact is, we ought to first figure out what threatens us, we ought to figure out what strategies will respond to that. We
should figure out what structures we need for those strategies. We should then cost them.

I helped found the Military Reform Caucus. I’m a hawk, but I’m a cheap hawk. But the fact is, to say I’m going to put the security of the United States up against some arbitrary budget number is suicidally stupid.

If you prefer to watch instead of read:

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m leaning more and more towards Gingrich. That video said it all. I was absolutely upset with Noem for that vote. Not because I was against voting for the debt cieling deal but because I was against stupidity.

    If she wants to run on common sense she should start using some.

  2. springer

    I agree that Newt appears to have the most common sense among all the candidates. The problem is his “baggage”that is mentioned so often. Actually, I don’t think that “baggage” is as important (actually not at all) as what a candidate will do to fix the economy and foreign policy of this great nation (still great but falling fast).

    I loved that quote when I heard it – the best of any in any debates so far!

    1. Job Creator

      I’m not so sure about that 605. Newt’s about a mile wide and an inch deep. Like someone on here posted the other day, “Newt has about a dozen new ideas every day. And every once in a while a good one.” I think Obama would have him chasing his tail in about ten minutes.

        1. Job Creator

          No. And I don’t believe that the ideological dogma we see spewed in here is the answer either. We need change – and that starts with getting rid of Noem next year. Can’t your Republicans put up someone who has an IQ above 100? Next chance is Johnson. And then Thune. None of these people are part of the solution. They are part of the problem. We need to change them out with extreme prejudice.

  3. Anonymous

    He’s one smart cookie. I can’t believe Noem voted for this piece of nonsense. She is looking more and more like a moderate all the time.

  4. Les

    Why did she vote to not allow the CFTC authority to regulate derivatives of which book something around $600 trillion…? Where will they land? Brooksley Born as head of the CFTC under Clinton was well aware of the derivatives potential danger to our financial system. We still fight her common sense? Do your homework Kristi while you reside amongst a throng of bipartisan moderates to willy nillys.

    Newt would rather have lunch at the Crossing Stan!

  5. Thinker

    Newt’s flashes of brilliance are a wonder.

    Is he our candidate? I don’t know but no one seems to capture issue/problems as well as he does.


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