Given the way 2020 is going, this might be a good time to mention this…

Plague. Riots. Murder Hornets. And we’re barely halfway through 2020.

It might be a good time to mention that we’re living in a great state in South Dakota. Because aside from our Governor Kristi Noem, we’re also awesome because South Dakota has been named the #2 state for surviving a zombie apocalypse:

According to

  • Given the low population densities and bountiful farmlands, the Midwest is the best prepped in the event of a (zombie) apocalypse. You wanna be where the farms are and the people aren’t (more people in denser areas means more infections).
  • North Dakota is the best state for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and in second place? South Dakota. The Dakotas are the place to be in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Big, open, and undeveloped land is your best bet, which is why places like Montana and Idaho also land high on the list.
  • While you might think you could find more resources and possibly gather with a good group of people, chances are if you’re in a densely populated area, you’re that much more likely to get infected or injured among the chaos. That means anyone in the East might have to go way out west before they can catch a breath.

You can read the full report here!

The #1 state for zombie apocalypse survivability? Those dirty so-and-so’s in North Dakota.  I’m guessing that’s because they’re frozen solid for 3/4th of the year.

While you’re reading the report, I’m going to start digging my underground bunker. (If only I didn’t live in a town where the water table is 6 inches below the surface!)

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  1. Since my family had a connection with the Selfridge family, my mother took a notion to drive out to Selfridge ND to look at the place, and mail a postcard. While there she talked to a woman who said she lived there, because it had been determined, by someone, that Selfridge was the best place to survive a nuclear war. The lady had lived there for years but was unable to provide additional information.

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