Glad to see things don’t change.

Always glad to see that as much as things change, there are always some things that stay the same.

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Some people are sore losers. Some are sore winners. And some are just sore.

5 Replies to “Glad to see things don’t change.”

  1. Anonymous

    It looks like Lance Russell has his puppet back and this time without time restrictions in the Senate! God help us….

  2. Anonymous

    Dumb people deserve representation

    Crazy people deserve representation

    Angry people deserve representation

    Sometimes they get a threefer

  3. anon1

    What is with the people who live in that part of the state??

    Stace was clearly the least effective legislator I’ve ever seen. His only plan was to be disruptive, which accomplished nothing…and never will.

    Dist. 19 might as well just send over a stuffed animal to sit in the chair. It would likely be more effective.