God help us. Lora might be in the race.

My head hurts after reading this.


But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She points out she has a number of voter registrations to turn in.

How exactly are those valid signatures on her petitions if she hasn’t turned them in yet?

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  1. Thomas Andrews

    “The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident, resulting in injury to or death of any person, or resulting in property damage, shall immediately by the quickest means of communications give notice of the accident to the police department.”
    Sioux Falls City Traffic Code 72.030

    By city ordinance, ANY accident within Sioux Falls city limits is reportable; no matter the damage amount or if on a public roadwY or private property. Sounds like she committed (and admitted) a class 2 misdemeanor.

    1. Anonymous

      If I read it correctly (?), HER vehicle was hit by another driver, so she’s off the hook on that.

      By driving around on an expired license however, she DID admit to a criminal act.

  2. Challenger

    Someone should challenge her petitions when there filed since the SOS is only a filing agency.

  3. Thomas

    Does everyone know exactly when their driver license expires? How often do you folks look at your license? Mine was rarely out of my pocket. I didn’t realize that it was expired for 2 months. It’s not the month, it’s the year. I’ve lived in so many states that I can’t keep track of when it’s due for renewal. Lora made a mistake. She didn’t willfully break the law. Do any of you speed? Turn or change lanes without using your signal? As for reporting accidents, in many states if there are no injuries, the damage is less than a certain amount and both parties agree, there is no need to report an accident. Apparently, the ordinance is specific to Sioux Falls. Who can keep track? Did you know that in SD when you see a car pulled over by an LEO you must move ALL THE WAY over to the left lane and reduce your speed 20mph under the posted speed limit? Nothing less. Moving two wheels across the center line is breaking the law. None of us is immune and I suspect that partisan politics is driving your attack on her.

    1. informed voter

      Thank you Thomas-you must be a decent guy! It is refreshing to see a nonjudgmental comment, after all, we all can make mistakes. I certainly hope Lora is in the race-South Dakotans are LUCKY to have someone like her. She isn’t afraid to stand up for our constitutional rights and apparently some people don’t like that.

    2. MC

      I know exactly when my driver’s license expires, and I know when I can apply for renewal on-line. and exactly what paperwork I need to comply with the real-id laws.

      The way the law is written, one needs to move to the far lane for ANY vehicle flashing amber lights. This could a maintenance vehicle, tow truck, or someone that stopped to smell the roses.

      I have to give Lora credit for her determination and tenacity. Even the best laid plans can fall apart because of some overlooked detail.

    1. Anonymous

      Lora also believes in jet contrails spraying chemicals in the atmosphere for nefarious purposes.

  4. Dakota Conservative

    While I can sympathize with anyone who has a day like this. This also goes to show the trending thought that it is just fine to post your daily diary online for everyone else in the world to read. Wow, running for a political office and you still think this is a great idea.

    1. An actual conservative

      What conservative gives a hoot about someone’s FB musings?

      How about Deb Peters being a LGBT advocate, Common Core, Prochoice, anti 2nd amendment, tax and spend liberal!?

      All of Mrs Hubbels eccentricities leave her still 100% more desirable than liberal Deb Peters!

      Starting to believe the reports that you RINOs are so anti conservative that you will vote for Hillary just to oppose Cruz!

      1. Dakota Conservative

        Commenting on musings represent where I stand? You have no idea where I stand.

      2. Pat Powers Post author

        Kurt, it’s kind of disingenuous for you to throw around the RINO term, since you’re a libertarian.

  5. Tinfoil Saleinslenine

    It appears she has difficulty representing her own interests. Does anyone think she would have the mental wherewithal to represent the interests of a some number of constituents?

    Tinfoil S.

  6. Jeff Endrizzi

    Go take a look at Dakota Free Press. Lora wants to use campaign funds to hire a PI to investigate the Platte murder-suicide.

    1. Anonymous

      Jeff that stoner blog loves conspiracy theories over there. Lora, “The Extremist at your front door” and the rest of the tiresome gang will feed off each other.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Everybody that is bashing Lora, why are you to cowardly to state your name. And Pat, if you are going to allow this, then don’t be like DFP and not let Lora defend herself while allowing her credibility to be destroyed. You’re better than that. Thanks. Just fight fair.

          1. Tara Volesky

            Thank you Anonymous. I just gave it a big LIKE. “The Extremist at your Front Door” has forbidden me from his blog. He needs to change the name of his blog to Dakota Unfree Press. He is doing a good job covering the MCED scandal.

  7. Chris

    If she has been taking the test every year since she was 16 how did she not know where the exam station was?