Going to the Ball

The husband and I are headed to Pierre for the Inaugural Ball at the Ramkota.  I’m representing KCPO at the big fete.  So if you’ll be there too be sure to say hello.  I’ll have pictures to post later.  I’m looking forward to visiting with legislators about upcoming session and getting a little more accurate reading on the mood in the Cap city with the changes from the new administration.

It was very nice of the state to schedule this so Mr. Golden and I can celebrate our anniversary in style.  And of course the big question for me…..how the heck am I gonna do my hair.

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  1. voter

    The swearing in was taped and also live broadcast. The Daugaard speech was phenomenol! Persistence and personal responsibility–everyone working together to help those who can’t stand–but those who CAN stand–stand up and do your part!
    Hard work–don’t expect things to be handed to you–plan to work for your dreams. Frugality–pay attention to the dollars and do what you can with what you have. Every part of government must do their part to run more efficiently and with less dollars. South Dakota will be the city on the hill and show the rest of the nation how to manage their budgets. Don’t spend money that you don’t have. Balance your budget every year!

  2. Shamrock

    Still no coverage on SDWC on our Lt. Gov. who according to the RCJ is the 12th highest paid Lt. Gov in the nation! Teacher salaries 51st, education funding last, cut education 10%. Pay a political crony in the top 20%. Speaks to the politics of business as usual in Pierre.

    1. Anon

      Um, maybe it’s because if you read the whole article, it’s not such a big deal in the whole context.

      Gotta love the paycheck envy that prevails among the chatterers in SD.

    2. Name

      Remember that the LG is not paid 12th out of 50. A number of states don’t have a LG at all. Many that do are part time. I’ll bet that there only 25 or so states that even have a full-time LG – so he is probably middle of the pack.

      And if you know Matt Michels, he’d be a bargain at twice the price!


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