Good News!

Maybe not for Democrats, but good news for me. The import function seems to be working well, and all the files since 2010 seem to be importing ok.

To save space, I may not upload pictures, etc., from before 2013, unless there is popular demand. I’m noticing that just through September of this year, the total is about 2500 photos, pdf’s., etc.

You might also note that I moved the comment link up top (as opposed to leaving it in the post footer), for more noticeable access.

7 Replies to “Good News!”

  1. caheidelberger

    Why would I or any other Democrat consider the ability to retrieve and repost your archive bad news? I’m still waiting for you to cowboy up and repost your 2005-2010 content. (I’m also testing to see if you got your comment filter back up and running.)

  2. sdsen_2014 Post author

    Cory, I’ve got it. But why would I give you access to it?

    As I stated before, it’s a treasure trove of on-the-spot South Dakota political history during the time period. I’m going to do something with it at some point, and I have a person or two who has asked about it for educational or dissertation reasons. Those requests I consider.

    Your douche-y requests? Not so much.

    1. caheidelberger

      Douche-y? You’ve griped about news sites locking their useful content up behind a paywall, now exert your exclusive ownership of public discourse and record for inflated visions of personal gain, and you call me douche-y? you really need to rotate your bed so you can get up on the right side.

  3. Julie Gross (NE)

    “exclusive ownership of public discourse and record ”

    That would explain his unrepentant plagiarizing.

    “Douche-y”–really Pat, there’s an umlaut in there somewhere!


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