Good Touch, Bad Touch

Building on the issue of airport security and the TSA pat downs, Penn of Penn and Teller fame, raised some interesting concerns way back in ’02 .

A security guy came over. I assumed the position. I had a button up shirt on that was untucked. He reached around while he was behind me and grabbed around my front pocket. I guess he was going for my flashlight, but the area could have loosely been called "crotch." I said, "You have to ask me before you touch me or it's assault."

He said, "Once you cross that line, I can do whatever I want."

Read it all here.

And this was way before show and tell machines and the full body grope downs.

We teach our kids in school about good touch, bad touch.  I guess the person who wrote up the TSA procedure manuals was sick that day.

Do we need safe air travel — absolutely.  Do we need the TSA looking at our pics on the Nude-O-Scope or playing roman fingers with passengers…..there is no evidence it’s made air travel safer, but it has certainly curtailed our freedom and privacy.

11 Replies to “Good Touch, Bad Touch”

  1. Voter

    It is time for the American public to rise up and say NO MORE! We want you to manage airport security just like they do it in Israel. Profile–and check anyone who is suspicious thoroughly – leave the rest of us alone!

  2. springer

    Right. Forget the PC. Profile! So far it hasn’t been old white ladies, little white girls or any little girls for that matter, or white men who have been trying to blow up our airlines. Profile! And quit being scared about the words racist or profiling. Remember who is wishing us ill and target them!

  3. duggersd

    Voter, you know the ACLU would not let what is done in Israel be done here. We need some real changes in judges’ attitudes and the peoples’ attitudes about profiling, etc. I really doubt it is going to happen. Do you remember what happened on that Delta (?) flight in which some people dressed a certain way did things that looked suspicious and the airline removed them? Many people thought this was kind of a test to see what they could get away with. What you are proposing, while making sense, would get blown away in no time.
    One thing, though. Airports can opt out of the TSA. I am not sure what would be different, but it is possible.
    Bill, I have seen that video. The dad was saying he understood why it had to happen, but it could have been handled differently. People need to know they are working with kids and there are ways to get kids involved rather than make it all a forced situation.

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s just get some hot chicks to work the pat down lines and I think everyone would be happy but wives and girlfriends…

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t know if I care. I mean does it really bother anyone that much? Is it that much different than going to the Dr.?

  6. Arrowhead

    How about we just compare flying to highschool athletics. If you want to fly or be a part of the team you have to follow certain procedures.

  7. John

    Yeah, airport security has gotten pretty silly and unnecessary. I think we’ve finally found the line where we won’t give up more of our freedom to feel safer.

    Also, to those advocating for profiling (something I consider to be immoral), I’m curious how you’d go about it. Would you single out everyone with brown skin? People who look like they’re from the Middle East? What about the people who are American citizens? How would you do it?

  8. Voter

    I would check out how Israel does it–because they are successful. Yes, all Muslims–and esp if they are dressed in muslim garb– would get the whole treatment–because until the muslim world gets vocal about what the radical muslims do they are all complicit in it!


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