I was thinking of doing this post later, but there’s something to be said for ripping the band aid off.  After 5 years and 9 months, I’m leaving the SDWC.   I’m moving on to other opportunities which preclude me from participating in politics in this manner.

You’ll be in good hands, as I’ve recruited several good people to offer their opinions on South Dakota politics.  In fact, to give the new writers a fresh start, the slate has been wiped clean, and all you’ll find here (except this post) are their thoughts on politics exclusively.

MC, Mike H, TC at AC, RC (aka Reagan Conservative), and TV’s Kristi Golden will all be offering their comments, as well as a few others who may join up. I’m going to be sitting with Troy Jones at the game feed on Wednesday, and I’ll twist his arm to join these 3 men and 2 women in discussing the state and national political meme from a Republican point of view.

It’s my fervent hope that it remains entertaining, relevant, and maybe even a little controversial and news breaking from time to time.

The SDWC grew out of my frustrations as well as my hopes.  It went from being a little website that my wife claimed no more than 13 people read to a website read by thousands daily.  And it will continue to be so, just without me doing any of the writing. I’d ask you to support the new authors with your comments, and don’t forget to support the site via the beg button to keep it going another 5 3/4 years.

It has been wild and it has been fun.

Thanks, and goodbye.


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  1. Anonymous

    Although I am happy for you, I'm really going to miss your insights. I visit this site almost daily for news, entertainment and in-side ball. Thanks for all you've done. Good luck and God's speed!

  2. Stace Nelson

    Congratulations on possibly having one of the best local politics blogs in America & thank you for that service which you provided. "Fair winds & following seas…" God bless..

  3. mhs

    Pat, it's been a treat. I haven't had so much fun talking politics since I left Pierre nearly 20 years ago.

    p.s.: I give you 30 days before you're back . . . !

  4. duggersd

    I have enjoyed your blog over the years and hope to hear from you from time to time here. Thanks for bringing issues forward and allowing us a place to express our opinions.

  5. ymous

    PP-Best wishes as you were a pioneer to this field regarding this state. The others tried but didnt come close. Best wishes!

    Please convince Troy to write here.

  6. anoonymous

    This site has officially begun losing its mo jo.

    What's with all the "C's"? I c we are still missing PC HiC and VC.

  7. Bill Fleming

    Wow, the entire history of the site is gone. Amazing. Was it all just a dream? Naaaw. I bet PP kept a copy. Godspeed Mr. Powers. Thanks for all the fun.

  8. springer

    Thanks for this great blog and the opportunity it gave us to vent and offer our opinions. You will be missed!! Good luck in your future endeavors.

  9. PP at the SDWC

    OK. I'm already going through withdrawals……

    Cue Aldo Nova's "Monkey on your Back."

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    Maybe I'll start a photography blog…..

  10. Mrs.PP

    Pat- this will be my last post as well (although I only recall leaving three comments during the SDWC PP "era"-one of which smacked down Bob N.!He deserved it)

    I know how hard it is leaving something you love and are good at, but know that I am indescribably proud of you and what this work has meant.

    As a last note…You were right- there are more than 13 people who read this blog and I am very glad to have been one of them.


    PS-maybe from now on I will be greeted by my first name instead of Mrs.PP!

  11. Dana Randall, Aberdeen

    Why tear the band-aid off? I am going to seek professional attention for my SDWC withdrawals. I can’t wait to go into executive season with you in the future. You can’t imagine the number of silent readers that are out there. I had many, many people who commented about my picture on the War College.

    You are da Man!

  12. Bill Fleming

    A curious choice, Troy. I had a different poem in mind. One by E.E. Cummings. But I’ll forego the temptation to link to it, for all our sakes.

  13. mhs

    By all means Troy should write.

    VASTLY superior to having to listen to him person.

    (Didn’t think I’d let that poor shot crack go unpunished forever, did you Jones?)

  14. Troy Jones

    MHS: The truth hurts doesn’t it. I’m boring and your can’t shoot.

    Bill: Send it to me and Pat via email.

    ymous: Good running into you at lunch. No wonder you smiled when you saw me. 🙂

    Those of you who want me to be a writer, I thank you for your encouragement. While I enjoy the daily distraction to troll on here and comment, the issues I’d be most interested in having discussed would be “wonky” as Bill says. The War College I think is more about inside information and controversial political and partisan topics.

    And, while I’m at it, some of you have “friended” me on FB and I’ve not accepted your request. Please don’t take it personal. I use Facebook mostly to keep up on what is happening with close friends and family. I have only one “friend” who I’ve never met personally. I guess I want to have a personal life, political life, and business life and to the extent possible keep them separate. And, since I have hundreds of gals 18-23 as “friends” because of my daughters, I like having that ratio since chicks didn’t dig me much when I was that age. I get to pretend I’m cooler than I am. 🙂

  15. Spencer

    I am glad that you took certain measures to see that this blog keeps going. I am always amazed about all the issues that are occurring in this state that are entirely under the radar or are reported here first and take another week or two to finally cycle into the MSM. It is also interesting to bump into people who read this blog. It would seem that there are a very large number of readers out there. It would be hard to quantify the impact of this site. One wonders how many campaigns, votes, and legislation were affected. This site has steadily become a barometer for what various segments of South Dakota think. Thanks, for making it all possible, Pat. Take care and Godspeed.

  16. j rae

    Just guessing here, but I’m thinking Pat has a new lucrative government job. That’s the only reason I can see for wiping the site clean of his old posts.

    Good luck Pat!

  17. Les

    I hope you’re not disappearing for good PP! This is almost like the eulogy we hope won’t happen soon. Nice though, thanks.

  18. My Goodness

    My Goodness Pat, what accolades! Best of everything to you in your new endeavor. Hope to see you around, particularly at Convention times. Thanks for starting SDWC!

  19. Anonymous


    Thanks for starting a great, insightful blog. It has been fun to read for almost five years now. I enjoyed reading it on a daily basis.

    Good luck in the future.

  20. PP at the SDWC

    Question for anyone who is still following this thread, as I’m not going to post this on a top level basis because I’m really, really done.

    Based on the past 6 years of changes in SD politics, what topic would be a good one to examine in the context of how it evolved and was examined in the blogosphere, particularly via the SDWC? And what form would that examination take?


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