GOP Candidates at the St. Patrick’s Day parade

From Sioux Falls and Social Media, the Candidates were out in force at the St. Patrick’s Day parade festivities in Sioux Falls:

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  1. Anonymous

    I’d be surprised if Neal Tapio would bother with such trivial pursuits. He is probably busy strategizing with a nation to save from the Barbarians at the gate and enemies within.

      1. Anonymous

        Senator Tapio was most likely planning his next speech or press release with his staff and supporters in the War room. Just hope he remembers there is no fighting in the War room.

    1. KM

      9:28 – Busy strategizing like the people of Britain or Germany? You’ve seen videos of Germans marching in the streets protesting the forced change of their country? How about the video of Antifa attacking Germans protesting rape and murder of their women, you’ve heard of 120db group? I’m glad to see you have educated yourself about what’s happening in Europe and how cities across the US are unfortunately slowly following in their footsteps.

      Tapio is not alone. Have you been watching the governor’s race in MN?

      1. KM

        Really, that’s all you got? That’s one of the weakest insults to date.

        I wonder what exactly do you mean by “hating Islam”? Do you mean radical Islamic terrorist? The ones that rape, murder and dismember young girls or the Islamic terrorists that attempt to burn down Catholic colleges? How about Islamic terrorists who go on killing sprees in gay night clubs?

        Care to elaborate? I won’t hold my breath.

        1. Anonymous

          I cannot speak for 7:29am but most of us are more worried about domestic radical extremists and some conspiracy theorists that shoot up schools, blow up abortion clinics, kill medical staff at those clinics, snipers, won’t pay grazing fees on federal land being total deadbeats and use any excuse to weasel out of it and fight the Federal govt. Oklahoma City bombers, the big drug and weapons bust near Willmar, and most recently the Mosque Bombers in Bloomington.

          1. KM

            Well, that’s a lot to unpack, but I’ll attempt to respond how you want me too…

            Can we be concerned about both? You’re not the least bit worried about the incidents I mentioned? Or the several thousand more I could include?

            Shoot up schools – Talk with the FBi, seems the most recent shooting could have easily been prevented had people done a thorough job.

            Blow up abortion clinics – I too condemn people who commit such evil acts. Do you condemn the murder of babies and then selling their parts for profit? I do. Concerned about both sides of the coins?

            Snipers – Are you speaking about Las Vegas? ISIS took credit for that. Do you know of other reports?

            Won’t pay grazing fees? Talking about the Bundys? Best to research that situation more, again govt failure and corrupt management.

            I hope the people who are responsible for this mosque bombers in Bloomington face harsh punishment. I’m all for freedom of religion, however Islam is not that. They require followers who leave or denounce to be murdered. They require LGBTQ to be thrown off rooftops and women, want to get into the “religion of peace” rights for women? Does this worry you too?

            1. Anonymous

              “I’m all for freedom of religion, however Islam is not that. They require followers who leave or denounce to be murdered. They require LGBTQ to be thrown off rooftops and women, want to get into the “religion of peace” rights for women? Does this worry you too?”

              Here in the US and even in Aberdeen here in South Dakota where it is supposedly under Sharia Law and a war zone? Talked to a few folks up there recently and they started laughing wonder what that was all about. State Bs evidently went well and Northern and Aberdeen Central kids are doing well for the most part.

              I guess one can be consumed in fear about things blown way out of proportion about false news ginned up to threats that never existed or one can just live life and have good common sense about things. Life is about living.

              1. KM

                I’ve never stated Aberdeen is being ruled by Sharia law. Muslims who follow the teachings of Islam are honoring Sharia, most definitely in their homes and in the communities they have been relocated to – Twin Cities, Dearborn, MI. Do you do any research? Ami Horowitz could help you.

                Never said “war zone”…you are making that up, you are going to the extreme with my so called “fear”. I am not afraid, and I’m not going to turn a blind eye to oppression of women, rape, murder of LGBT, honor killings, FGM that the “religion of peace” brings with them to the USA and continues to practice.

                Is it false news that a Muslim “refugee” shot 2 men in Aberdeen and is now nowhere to be found? How about the Muslim “refugee” who sexually assaulted a mentally handicapped woman, did that happen in Aberdeen? You did hear about the 2 SF incidents involving Muslim men? Have you any clue what’s been happening in Telford, England for decades? You think those “refugees” don’t come to the US?

                Lance Russell has a video available, watch it. You’ll get to learn about Aberdeen residents who are concerned about the forced change happening in their communities. There are several other YouTube videos available for your viewing concerning Aberdeen “refugees” and LSS, watch them and educate yourself. But, I guess some people aren’t interested in staying informed and up to speed.

                1. Anonymous

                  same old cherry picking to support the fear mongering fringe which some use for political or financial gain while innocent people suffer. We should hold people accountable for their actions just like anyone else who break the law. Not interested in the world of conspiracy theories, info wars, xenophobia islamophobia or being part of some domestic radical extremist agenda or whatever that divide and discriminates.. We have far more pressing issues to deal with.

                  1. KM

                    You need to play catch-up…Democrats have been using black people, brown people, LGBT people, illegal aliens and the poor for decades. Are you being manipulated too? Democrats use you and all the people I just mentioned for votes to further their political career and financial gain.

                    Do you include Democrats in your “fringe”. You did hear of the anti-Semitic Dem who claims Jews control climate change (aka:weather), the world bank and the US federal govt? Just want to make sure your standards apply to both parties;)

                    If you’re not interested in what I have to say and have far more pressing issues to deal with, stop responding to me and get to it.

          1. KM

            That’s what you do…wish death upon someone? Should I consider that a death threat? Why such hatred? What have I done so horribly wrong and offended you so maliciously that you want me to die? Is it the truth that drives you to such an evil thought? I’m not lying, I provide sources. some information is coming directly from Muslims. What happens when your thoughts turn to actions?

            You’re afraid of me and all the others who want to discuss Islam and the so-called “refugee resettlement” of Muslims. We are not going away and we’re not going to stop exposing the truth, in fact, we are growing stronger. Did you hear about Tommy Robinson’s appearance at Speakers’ Corner? Have you heard of all the marches and thousands of Germans, other Europeans and Americans asking questions about the “religion of peace”? Nope, instead of creating a dialogue, you’re too busy hoping I’ll disappear.

            1. Anonymous

              Death threat? Prior threat legal action against anonymous when you are anonymous yourself? Get a grip.

              1. KM

                Oh, we’re not anonymous. And, again, I never threatened to kill anyone or have wished death upon anyone. You may want to manipulate my words to be your truth, but that’s not the case.

                I’m the one who needs to get a grip, huh? That’s right, I’m the one who politely asked someone to stop breathing.

  2. Anonymous

    Three of the people in Dusty’s picture are Dusty himself. Pretty sad turnout. If Dusty wins it will be the result of an apathetic electorate.

      1. KM

        Are candidates required to attend parades? That’s how you decide to vote for a candidate…if they walk in a parade or not? It may be a way to expose one’s campaign, but it is not the end all for who wins the race. Many people did not go to the SF parade and the people that did, did more so for their children not to make a final decision on who to vote for.

        1. 2 cents

          I wondered if they had other events going on also. The other candidates I mean…there are more than one place to be at a time 🙂

          1. KM

            Well, now that seems like a logical, reasonable thought, 2 cents. I’m not sure that is acceptable;)

    1. Anonymous

      Seriously? This is one snapshot of one moment during the parade! Can’t you come up with something better? Geez Louise.

  3. Anonymous

    Bjorkman and Sutton had a good showing with plenty of volunteers and signage. Sutton’s Horse Drawn Stagecoach was pretty cool. Out working for the votes like the other candidates which is good.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m not impressed by baubles and beads. I won’t be voting for either of these Democrats. We need a Republican governor to help with the convention of states.

      If we get a Demo in the governor’s seat we may get visited by (shudddddeeeerrr) Nancy Pelosi!

      1. Anonymous

        Sutton has been re-elected in a heavily Republican district several times over and is focused on the people of South Dakota. Highly doubt Nancy Pelosi would have much sway there.

        Bjorkman if I understand this correctly goes against house leadership including Nancy Pelosi right away by not playing the game to play the game of buying house chairmanships and the fundraising system they have with all the fees they have. Bjorkman is very independent in a number of ways focused on representing both Republicans, Independents and Democrats from South Dakota. He will definately work across the aisle and is being supported by South Dakotans regardless of political affiliation.

        Thowing out Nancy Pelosi is the old standby for fundraising in general but anyone who knows either of these candidates relaizes they are focused on what is good for the people they serve and not Nancy Pelosi.

  4. Anonymous

    Prediction: Dusty wins the nomination 60% Dusty to Shantel 40% and the 40% may be on the high side.

  5. Anon

    Mayoral and city council candidates gave varying parade performances. Ten Haken was energetic and engaging. Loetscher worked the crowd well. Jamison should have had someone else drive his theme road grader so he could shake hands. Enteman looked old in his jeans and t-shirt. Kenny Anderson stayed in his car. The Zombie video guy still thinks he is running.

  6. KM

    5:43 – Okay? I don’t support militias, I don’t encourage death upon people. I’m glad these people were caught and will go to trial, they should be prosecuted and convicted if they are in fact guilty. I think all people who break laws should face warranted consequences. Why hasn’t the Muslim who shot 2 Aberdeen residents not been taken to trial? Oh, that’s right, he skipped town, and what are the police doing to find him?

    What do you want to do? Keep going back and forth with stories about crimes against people? I’m pretty sure there’s many more I can reference. So it’s my turn, right….

    Are you cherry-picking? You see, the standards you hold for me, you don’t hold for yourself. Don’t you have more pressing issues to deal with? That’s what you say. If I’m not worth your time, why then do you engage with me?