SDGOP Chairman Craig Lawrence announces that he’s stepping down on 12/31

The following just went out this morning to many GOP faithful announcing that Craig Lawrence is not going to serve another term as Chairman for the Party, choosing to devote his time to family and several ministry projects:

Subject: From the desk of Craig Lawrence
To: South Dakota Central Committee and Executive Board members

My loyal Republican co-workers:

For the last two years I have had the honor and privilege to be the Chairman of your Party. Together, we relished the taste of election night victory as we MADE HISTORY electing 100% Republicans for the first time in 50 years, and even gaining 4 seats in the Legislature.

Nevertheless, I believe it is time for new, younger leadership of the Party. Thus, on Saturday I submitted my resignation to Governor Daugaard effective December 31st. I did not take that step without sadness and a sense of loss.

But I will be 68 this year, and have put off traveling with my wife for decades. As well, I have been challenged to give leadership to several global ministry projects and feel the tug in my soul to do them.

This year with the loss of a grandson and my mother, and the failing of my father, I am more deeply aware of the urgency of time.

Godspeed. I know that in your hands our state’s great legacy of Leadership will continue.

Craig Lawrence

I feel good in that the party hit unparalleled success under Craig’s leadership. But I feel bad in that Craig is a class act, and going to be tough to follow.

Craig, thank you for your leadership and service to the SDGOP.

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  1. William Beal

    He will be missed. While I’m sad to hear he’s stepping down, I’m grateful for having the opportunity to get to know him and work with him during his time as Chairman. I can only offer my thanks for all he’s done and wish him the best.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t believe “it is time for a woman” to be the chair. I want the best person, man or woman. We have had a woman in the past you know and if she be the best qualified, ok. I personally was going to call Lawrence to encourage him to run again, because he did an excellent job and there is a lot to be said to have a little continuity in the state office. I wish Craig well.

    2. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Where have you been?

      In the past (70’s, I think) Arlene Ham, and I believe Pat Adam had both been chairs. It’s been a while, but by no means is it exclusively a mens club.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Pat. That is good to know. It’s obviously been a while since we’ve had a woman in charge. Maybe it would help us bring in people from another direction.

        Deb Peters?

  2. Anonymous

    I suppose Daugaard and Rounds (especially Daugaard since he is governor) will give latitude to Thune and Noem for the selection of the SD GOP chair position since they are up in 2016.

    A woman would be a nice choice since we have had men for the past decade. I’m struggling to think of a woman who has been chair.

    If we are going to go with a legislator I’d be in favor of Mark Mickelson or Corey Brown.

    1. Anonymous

      If I remember correctly, and I don’t always, wasn’t Charlene Harr a past chairman prior to her running for the US Senate?

  3. Troy Jones

    As a father of three women, I cringe when there is even a whisper that gender matters.

    Craig was a great chairman and maybe insight into a good profile: Person not inclined to run for office or long-term public service yet wants to serve.

    Just as I never would have thought of Craig, I can’t think of anyone now.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think Char Haar was the national committeewoman.

    Craig Lawrence has been outstanding. We have been blessed to have him. Hopefully somebody as capable will step forward again.

    Wishing you the very best, Craig, you’ve earned the break.

  5. Troy Jones

    Re: job offered to Howie.

    If true, considering the non-campaign he ran, a case could be made he has fulfilled the terms of the offer. 🙂


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