GOP Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson featured in Rapid City Journal article

Fresh off talking to TAR’s and killing rattlesnakes, GOP Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson is featured in an article in the Rapid City Journal discussing his campaign:

Q: So, where do you see this race going and what kind of campaign do you want to run?

A: Oh, competition’s good, right. Choices are good for voters. I was a high school track athlete. I wasn’t particularly good, and I really like running, but I liked the competition. And knowing that Matt Althoff, a great quarter-miler was going to be kicking my butt at track meets meant that I was gonna work that much harder to really get out and push myself a little bit. So I love a competition, and again, I think it’s good for voters. A worse thing for a voter is walking into the ballot booth and not having a choice, not being able to have their say. The bosses should be in control of our government and voting’s a pretty powerful way to exercise that authority.

We’re gonna run hard. I mean, I have a day job that does not allow me to campaign full-time. I work in the private sector, I work hard. I got a business unit that I run. Things are going really well there. But you do have to be willing to interview with the bosses. You are not gonna be able to interview for a job over TV commercials.

And everybody always wants to focus, focus on fundraising, and fundraising’s going really well for us. We’re ahead in the money game, but I am not gonna win this race on television. I’m not gonna win it even in newspaper ads, as horrifying as that might be for you to hear. This race is going to be won in the trenches, talking to real people, and having them put a finger in my chest when I’ve earned it and having them give me an atta-boy when I’ve earned it.

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