GOP Congressman Dusty Johnson cited as helping to diversify the Republican Party

There was a nice mention of Dusty Johnson from one of his colleagues as representing a new wave of Republicans trying to make the GOP more diverse and inclusive, and shed the pejorative label of being a party of “old white guys.”

They talk openly about perceptions the party is run by a bunch of old white guys— and they’re desperate to change that. “The base is shrinking. Period. End of story,” said Rep. Will Hurd, the only black House Republican, who at 42 will leave office rather seek another term representing his heavily Hispanic district in southwest Texas.

Hurd said Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Dusty Johnson of South Dakota are two members trying to make the party more diverse and inclusive.

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46 Replies to “GOP Congressman Dusty Johnson cited as helping to diversify the Republican Party”

  1. tara volesky

    President Trump has already changed the party. It is now called the party of Trump…….the Republicans have got to decide whether they are going to fight him which many are doing secretly or are they going to join him.

    1. Anonymous

      Or maybe lifelong republicans can remain republicans while “The Party of Trump” spends us further and further into debt Ms. “Libertarian.” You have no scruples whatsoever.

        1. Anonymous

          I dont like Trump, I dont like the party if he is whose party it is now, and I dont like you. You are myopic and stand for nothing. You are as libertarian as I am a tyrannosaurus rex.

    1. tara volesky

      No way….he is going to win again. People are sick of status-quo, that’s why he got elected.

      1. Anonymous

        waat are ya smokin tara? no way trump gonna win.

        the leftys already got a bumper sticker out

        trump for prison 2020

        1. tara volesky

          lol…….maybe you are right, but my guess is that you are wrong. I just hope it is a great race and the voters use good judgement.

        2. anonymous

          “””” no way trump gonna win. “”””

          You can youtube plenty of high priced politicians and polsters who said the same thing back in 2016.

        3. Anonymous

          So a Dem bumper sticker is your go-to prognosticator for the 2020 election? What a low bar you set for your information.

  2. Anonymous

    What did Noem do when she held the seat? One day Johnson will be an old white guy and if you ask a Gen Z, he already is.

  3. anon

    Is this a joke? How far do they have to stretch that another post 40 yr old white guy in the GOP is considered diverse?

    1. Anonymous

      It doesnt say Dusty is diverse, it says he is trying to make the party more diverse and inclusive…..

      The article could have expanded on how he is doing that but I think hes just a footnote to the story which is really about the only black House Republican leaving office.

      1. Anonymous

        for his staffer who is trolling the blogs – how is Dusty working to make the House GOP more diverse?

  4. Anonymous

    I would not consider this a great endorsement. The American Conservative Union, a long standing conservative group, has Rep Hurd with a rating of 70% for 2017 and 52% for 2018.

    1. Anonymous

      Be smart.

      Hurd’s district was won by Hillary. Hurd was able to hold the seat for Republicans. His retirement hurts.

      Hurd’s a lot more conservative than the Democrat who will be serving after the next election.

      1. enquirer

        to anon 10/2 3:35 – – ‘be smart’ is a correct request, but don’t hold your breath. too many people are impressed with what numbers say, but will not look at how they came to be, or what they indicate. ‘oh they agree with me? how convenient, i will use them in just that fashion.’

  5. Anonymous

    Dusty has always tried to tell the conservative story to young people and others. Making converts and building the coalition.

  6. Anonymous

    If I were to say: So and so is making this or that party more diverse by removing more brown people from the party, would that be considered racist?

  7. enquirer

    the old white epithet is ironic when you look at the leadership of the “D” party. i’m just saying.

    1. Anonymous

      For minorities:

      Senate GOP Leadership has 1 female combat veteran (
      – Conference Vice Chair Ernst
      Senate Dem Leadership has 5 females and 1 is LGBT+.
      – Assistant Leader Murray
      – Policy & Comms Chair Stabenow
      – Conference Chair Warren
      – Steering Chair Klobuchar
      – Conference Secretary Baldwin

      House GOP Leadership has 1 female
      – Conference Chair Cheney
      House Dem Leadership has 4 minorities
      – Speaker Pelosi female Speaker
      – Majority Whip Clyburn
      – Caucus Chair Jefferies
      – Assistant Speaker Lujan

      So please – whatever Dusty is allegedly doing – keep up the good work for the sake of all minorities in America. But I guess we really won’t see what is actually happening until the next election. Though I don’t think we’ll see major changes since we already see former GOP members running in different, safer red districts rather than in the districts in which they were defeated.

  8. tara volesky

    lol…….maybe you are right, but my guess is that you are wrong. I just hope it is a great race and the voters use good judgement.

  9. Anonymous


    You should be more concerned about Cory H banning people that speak the truth from his blog.

    1. anon

      Cory’s blog is a joke total censorship if you disagree with his boy of you yet deleted you can’t have a vigorous debate over there it’s an echo chamber only

      1. Anonymous

        Hamburgler’s blog is an echo chamber of potheads that spend all day and night rambling. All including Hamburgler are toxic dead enders.

    1. Anonymous

      He surely wouldn’t be begging for the refugee cap to be raised. Odin is right, it is something incredibly unpopular with the people who hired Thune and Rounds to protect and represent us.

      1. Anonymous

        Republicans don’t have a problem with refugees as long as they are put in large cities like Minneapolis, LA, San Fran, and New York.

        1. a friend of education

          Your blanket statement is false; not all Republicans hold that view. As there are maybe 33-35 million republican party members, I assume *some* must be of that opinion. My guess is that the majority of Republicans disagree, but if you’d link to a poll, that’d be great. If evidence shows > 50% of republicans feel it’s perfectly ok to drop off foreign refugees in US cities w/ pop greater 425K, I’ll be rather surprised but I’ll readily admit my erroneous assumption. I learn new things everyday.

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with refugees. From Hong Kong. I think we should let the entire population of Hong Kong, all 7.5 million of them, move here. And bring their money with them.

    1. a friend of education

      I’d like to filter out the triads, but otherwise hell yeah. The vast majority of folks living in Hong Kong are awesome.

    2. Anonymous

      South Dakota would gain so much political power with all the influx of numbers. there would be a dramatic shift in the political clout of the State. Our House member would be able to pick from more than just the House Ag committee – we might be able to get someone on Appropriations and authorizing committees. Ways & Means is fine and great, but only that Chairman has the real power and down dias members don’t matter until they have a Chairmanship.

      South Dakota would go from 1 House member to at least 10 or 11 if you’re using 750,000 or 800,000 for average House representation.

      1. Anonymous

        Can the state of South Dakota just start issuing visas of our own? We don’t need EB-5. Can we become a sanctuary state for immigrants from Hong Kong?

        1. Anonymous

          I don’t think we want to do that. Some Eastern City just released two child rapists because they didn’t want ICE to get them.

          Democrats like child rapists on the street.