GOP Legislators set to kill IM22. But at least one dem wants to keep parts that didn’t exist.

South Dakota legislators are prepared to aggressively pick apart Initiated Measure 22 on the GOP’s side of the aisle when the legislative session reconvenes next week. But a few Democrats are coming out against the repeal of IM22 provisions.

Even those that don’t exist:

“Everything is on the table but, IM 22 was so poorly written that frankly we have to start from scratch,”Haggar said.

Publically funded campaigns could be the first issue on the chopping block.

“The public financing piece won’t survive in any way, shape or form,” Haggar stated.

Governor Daugaard agrees this isn’t in South Dakotans best interest.

“Especially in a year when we can only afford about 1% increase for education if we had to spend the money called for by Initiative Measure 22 on campaign commercials, that would cause our 1% to become 6/10 of a percent for educators,” Governor Daugaard explained.

Even on the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Karen Soli says she could part with that section, but there are several parts of the law she would like to see upheld.

“Limits on campaign spending, limits on lobbyist giving, to induvial legislators so those are key and then a campaign ethics committee of some sort,” Representative Soli explained.

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Democrat Representative Karen Soli wants to keep IM22’s limits on campaign spending?  Unfortunately for Representative Soli, there were no limits in spending in the 33 page behemoth measure. Donations, yes. Spending no.

Just a thought for the Representative – you might have needed voters to pass IM22 for you to figure out what was in it. But you apparently still don’t get it.

Another good reason it needs to go away.

11 Replies to “GOP Legislators set to kill IM22. But at least one dem wants to keep parts that didn’t exist.”

  1. Anonymous

    I have heard from various legislators that lobbyist Matt Mcaulley is working on legislation. That alone would make it a non starter for me. Good thing for him I don’t have a say.

    1. Anonymous

      Not surprising. This is why people want change in Pierre. The public faces change but the same people are always working behind the scenes.

      He will be Noem’s top advisor (in or out of state government) if she wins the Governor’s race.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it is beyond arrogant that these politicos think the voters are stupid and hoodwinked. Voters sent a message. Ethics and lobbying reform should be front and center.

    Cut the public funding of campaigns.

  3. Anonymous

    I like Don Haggar. Qualm will also be a strong leader in the House.

    No one will carry more water this session than Brock Greenfield. He is a true statesman and when he speaks the caucus will listen.

    1. Anonymous

      IM 22 passed because Daugaard and the legislature ignored the problems for the past 4 years hoping no one would care and the problems would go away. I voted for most of these republicans because I wasn’t going to vote dem on those races. But I still wanted change. I didn’t want publicly funded campaigns but I wanted a higher standard of ethics.

      I give Daugaard mostly a pass because almost all of this happened under Rounds.

    2. Springer

      What would be the name for people not reading the proposed bill or initiated measure, not understanding it at all, not realizing the implications, and only basing their vote on one word cited in misleading TV and radio ads? That’s right, low information, ill-informed, gullible, easily played – take your pick, and the Dems and out of staters pushing IM 22 just proved that.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    IM Reform is truly what is needed. Make equal representation based on population needed of signatures on petitions from every county or district before hitting the needed threshold.
    If anyone really thinks a legislator driving an hour to a Lobbyist sponsored dinner or spending an evening with Lobbyists talking business with adult beverages or taking home a bucket of pens and coffee mugs are enough to turn a vote you have a piss poor understanding of how legislation actually occurs. In North Dakota every bill dropped hits the House or Senate floor for a vote making committee work one of draftsmanship only. I can only imagine the continued pressure cooker they are under.

  5. Troy Jones


    You really need to be easy on Jaa Dee. He still hasn’t recovered from the election (still thinks they won) and is still spending most of his time in a safe space. He only occassionally ventures out and when he is out, we need to massage his head and tell him he is special. In two weeks, he is going to really be in bad shape because the Obama Legacy will be erased and the past 8 years will be just a bad dream.