GOP Resolutions to be presented to the 2016 Republican Convention at large

I won’t get into the details (as opposed to posting them in their entirety later), but the Resolutions for the Convention have been presented to the delegates present in preparation for the consideration of delegates. Roughly summarizing and describing them. 

Resolution #1 – SDGOP opposes the sustainable agriculture initiative as defined by the global round table for sustainable beef. 

Resolution #2 – SDGOP states we shall teach all students in public education what our republic is, and how our republican Constitution and Bill of Rights offer more individual freedom than any other major form of government. 

Resolution #4 – SDGOP Recommends the State of SD uses it’s authority granted by the 10th amendment to address immigration issues, and pass appropriate legislation. 

Resolution #5 – The SDGOP strongly opposes Constitutional Amendment V, Constitutional Amendment T, Initiated Measure 22, and urges voters to reject those measures on the 2016 ballot. 

Resolution #6 – The SDGOP  is opposed to the expansion of the PPACA.

Resolution #9 – The SDGOP supports and salutes the sailors of e USS South Dakota SSN 790.

Resolution #10 – The SDGOP actively supports the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Resolution #16 – SDGOP encourages the State Board of Ed and all local school districts to remain autonomous, and make their own determinations based on common sense and parental involvement to protect the privacy and welfare of all students in South Dakota. (Largely referring to bathroom bill).

Resolution #18 – SDGOP affirms that South Dakotans have a constitutional right not to participate in activities of daily life that violate their faith. 

Resolution #19 – The SDGOP opposes any executive orders that are beyond the scope of executive authority as set forth in the US Constitution. 

(Resolutions numbered as presented to committee, whether successful or not, not as adopted)