SD GOP State Conventions

The 2014 and 2016 SD GOP site selection committee’s recommendations were approved on Saturday, sending the 2014 State Republican convention to Rapid City and the 2016 State Republican convention to Aberdeen. It has been a long time since the convention was held in the states second and third largest cities. 2014 will mark 30 years since the GOP has held a convention in Rapid City, and 2016 will mark 20 years since a convention has been held in Aberdeen.

The 2012 convention will be held in Sioux Falls where we will nominate 2 PUC candidates and elect 1 National Committeeman and 1 National Committeewoman.

4 Replies to “SD GOP State Conventions”

  1. anon

    It’s a rigged system with the Eboard making decisions instead of county party members. I don’t think that the Eboard should be cutting out the county parties so much.

    1. anon

      Small counties will never have a shot with this current crop of leadership sending everything to larger cities.

      The small counties like those of us living outside of the big 5 cities should be more vocal against this.

      Huron, Spearfish, Chamberlain, Mitchell etc will never get another convention unless county delegates refuse to be weeded out by the current leadership of the state party.


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