GOP still hitting the fair in a big way this weekend!

The South Dakota Republican Party’s candidates and office holders have all converged on Huron this weekend for the South Dakota State Fair, and we’re continuing to bring you the highlights:

‪There’s only one way to close out the summer: going to the state fair.

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Congresswoman Kristi Noem is kissing babies and meeting voters at the Fair:

Attorney General Marty Jackley takes in the evening entertainment – Skynyrd! Free Bird!

Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg is banging it out from sun up to sundown at the GOP Booth!

Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson is out working the fair booth hard both in person and in spirit!

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is out working the crowds as well:

Stay tuned for more State Fair action!

13 Replies to “GOP still hitting the fair in a big way this weekend!”

  1. Sara Fitzgerald

    I am sure it is unintentional on your part, but I do not see any postings, pictures, or mention of my father, John Fitzgerald, being at the State Fair. He was there. He is the most experienced trial lawyer to run for Attorney General in South Dakota history. Someone of his expertise and knowledge should not be overlooked.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Does he have anyone doing media? Because aside from a rare Facebook post, I’ve heard utterly nothing from the campaign. If I don’t see it, it’s hard to talk about it.

  2. Anonymous

    John Fitzgerald is a good Republican from Lawrence County and has a tremendous family that has been very beneficial to the USD Law School and the Lawrence County Republican party. His wife has been Lawrence County Republican chair and they have three children that have gone to law school in SD
    and are practicing lawyers. He has a great story and would make a great Attorney General. He very well could be the best candidate in the field.

  3. Sam Kephart

    Pat, you VERY WELL know that Lawrence County State Attorney John Fitzgerald is running for South Dakota Attorney General. Clearly, John is the most qualified of all running because he has both a lot of practical experience… and a squeaky-clean reputation. He’s tough, yet fair and runs a cost-effective operation. And yes, John Fitzgerald is not particularly comfortable “honking his own horn”, preening, or “puffing” his record as certain others have. If you really want your blog to a credible resource for South Dakota’s statewide primary campaigns, you should put together a matrix of 10-12 questions to ask ALL the candidates running for ALL statewide offices (AG included) and then post all their answers in a comparative matrix for voters to mix and match candidates to their concerns. You can then create a “Special Box” section below where you can wax openly with your bias or opinions regarding each candidate. Folks then know clearly where YOU stand and WHY. I think that is a much more intellectually honest approach and valuable way to cover these campaigns, rather than selectively covering some and not others. These are serious elective choices… not high school prom king or queen gossip and popularity contests.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I cover things given the very limited amount of time I have based on the information I have at hand, as well as what I consider a reasonable amount of information in each story.

      If a candidate who is campaigning for public office isn’t making it readily available, then unless I have a compelling reason to seek it out, I’m not going to hunt for it.

      If you want to put “time versus available information” in an informational matrix to try to understand it, be my guest.

    2. Steve Sibson

      Sam, if we were going to select candidates based on policy, then you are right. Unfortunately politics today is about name ID and is more like deciding who is the high school king or queen.

      1. Anonymous

        Isn’t it nice that everyone tells Pat how to run his blog …while they keep reading and complaining about his blog. If you can do better start your own blog.

        If a candidate needs the blog to get his message out then he/she is not engaging voters properly.

  4. Troy Jones


    First, John is listed under SDWC’s “2018 Candidates.”

    Second, all Pat said is he needs to do more media. I’m not sure I agree media is needed at this stage for a Constitutional Office where nomination is at the convention but being better known in GOP activist circles is a must, a place John isn’t well known outside of the Black Hills.

  5. Troy Jones

    If you think John is well known in Sioux Falls GOP activist circles, GOP activists follow what is happening in the Lawrence County Courthouse, and GOP activists link him with these murder cases, I’m happy for you and encourage you to keep doing what you are doing.

    Back to my rock.

  6. Anonymous

    Like the politician that is portraying he’s a lawyer. That’s the guy you like? Ask any member of the state bar about him. You may be surprised.

  7. Pat Smith

    Mr. Anonymous,
    Are you just making innuendos or do you have something to say? Sounds like you are taking a shot at John Fitzgerald.


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