Gordon Howie dreams big…

In response to a local Ron Paul activist’s wish that South Dakota voters had nominated Gordon Howie for Governor in 2010, Howie responded.

Is Gordon Howie gearing up for a Governors run in ’14? Outside of a few wild and loosely woven conspiracy theories, I haven’t been able to figure out why the tea party groups don’t think the Governor and the legislature are conservative.

Maybe this is just me, but conservatives should feel very happy with the fiscal accomplishments the legislature has undertaken the previous two sessions in Pierre.

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  1. Anonymous

    I followed the link and all I want to know is WTF is up with the Minnehaha GOP? They are all a bunch of crazies on that facebook page.

    Does Ron Paul run the Minnehaha GOP?

  2. Anonymous

    You people thinking the governor and legislature are conservative Republicans are smoking some of the native weed.

    Not everyone views politics with such juvenile simplicity of do they have an (R) behind their name. What makes a Republican is adherence to Republican principles!

    The ?Republican? governor & ?Republican? controlled legislature supported over $10,000,000.00 of spending for the ?WINS? program where South Dakotans? tax dollars are shipped out of state to help private businesses recruit employees. The state is now being sued over that misuse of taxpayer money. Fisically conservative? Hardly!

    How about that $1,000,000.00 authorized to be spent on building a state building on LEASED ground!

    Another $300,000.00 authorized to be spent building a new building for maintenance equipment for the Capital grounds because they wanted a new one so they didn?t have to drive a couple miles from the perfectly fine building they already have?

    Let?s not forget the HB-1234 bill which guts the SDGOP 4.3 plank of parental choice and local control in regards to school decisions.

    The crown jewel though, that should make every red blooded Republican howl with anger, is the infamous ?Lust for Power? HB 1133 bill which subverts the peoples? legitimate legislative electoral process by appointing cronies to stay in the legislature past their elected terms, with power over those who are actually elected to the legislature! SDGOP plank 5.10 anyone? No? Evidently not!

      1. Greek to you?

        Seems well formed out and informed statements are hard for the learned “toga” to grasp..

        Please type slower for “toga.”

  3. Anonymous

    There are some seriously deranged folks out there and unfortunately some of them call themselves republicans.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, everyone should concentrate only on how politicians are registered dang it! That is all that counts, not how they vote! Get inline sheeple!

      Who needs the Democratic party when the Democrats can simply change parties and run the SDGOP and kill Republican ideas and principles? What were the MANY names again of the Democrats that did that?

  4. grudznick

    There are, indeed, some seriously deranged people out there.

    For instance, the poster at 4:11 coughs up a hairball of some of Mr. Howie’s half-baked and incompletely presented positions.

    I, for one, can’t wait until Mr. Howie and Ms. Hubbel run for the Big Chair on the Ticket of Insanity. The level of entertainment should boggle your mind.

    1. toga

      They will get less than 10% of the primary vote. The only way anyone will take them seriously is if they run as an Independent.

    2. better check yer facts

      Better wipe the gravy out of your far-sighted eyes and get a clue. Not sure of the dollar amounts but all of that was approved this last session.

      Since when do Republicans believe in taking taxpayer money and giving it away to recruit employees for private businessess?!

      1. grudznick

        Mr. Yer Facts, I believe I posted this question before and the insane TEA partiers would not answer, so perhaps you can. I had my granddaughter find this for me again I think it ties in with the 5th part of the insane post at 4:11 which was clearly made by a madman or a liberal democrat.


        I am told that the laws prescribed in that document say that the money in that fund must be used for construction of buildings for the state. How does not spending that money for the laws passed by the legislatures save me any money?

        You are insane, sir.

        1. huh?

          How is complaining about wasteful spending insane or being a liberal Democrat? Aren’t Republicans complaining about the Democrats spending that has gotten the country in a fix?

          You are aware the legislature can transfer the money to the general fund if it isn’t spent?

          Pretty weak grandma.

          1. grudznick

            Apparently it hasn’t been spent for a while, so why haven’t they done this general thing with it? I bet you didn’t think of that during the legislatures, did you?

    1. John Carter

      The above remark, my dear people, is what we call a classic case of “projection”. Because in this day and age, simply pronouncing someone a “whacko” without presenting proof of the accusation is apparently now sufficient for folks like Arrowhead (or should I say “Bone-head”?) who spent their K-12 years in a government indoctrination center .

      ( For those of you like Arrowhead who apparently hail from Rio Linda, CA. – that’s what is commonly known as a ‘euphemism’ for public school)

  5. Larry Rhoden

    Annon 4:11

    For starters, I was one of the few Senators that voted against 1133. I did so because I felt it would be ineffective and unnecessary. Now that there has been all the flap about putting it on the ballot and calling it a power grab, I went back and reread it a couple of times. Could you or someone else please point out the part of 1133 that grants any power to anyone? Again, that is why I voted against it because I felt it did nothing excect allow a hand picked group of people to get together and talk about ideas for possible legislation. They could do the same thing without 1133. At least now they have to make the meetings open to the public.

    1. Anonymous

      So another Democrat turned Republican who didn’t bother to read the SDGOP platform.

      Real Republicans are for LESS (limited to complicated a term?) government, not keeping cronies in power past their terms.

      Check out plank 5.10 and explain how that is in keeping with Republican principles for HB1133 to subvert the electoral process by keeping people in power in the legislature and divert monies from supporting legitimate elected officials in order to support the new super committee: http://southdakotagop.com/pdf/2010_SDGOP_PLATFORM_FINAL.PDF

  6. Larry Rhoden

    Annon 6:11
    Apparently you didn’t read the bill. Again show me chapter and verse in 1133 that grants any power to anyone. The committee has no power other than to suggest legislation to the full legislature.
    To your point about diverting money away from legitimate functions, that is valid, and one of the reasons I voted against it, but not because it is giving “powers” to unelected citizens.

    1. spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E

      Senator, thank you for engaging on here. There is not enough of that by our elected officials other than from the shadows.

      This last year the public saw abuse of power from members of the legislature that frankly, scares many of us not in the Capital. Those legislators did not have the power to do some of the dishonest things they did, but they seized that power.

      Our legislature, by design, is supposed to be an equal representation of the voters that elect those legislators. This super committee bill deprives equal representation to all South Dakotans by granting more authority and access to this hand selected group. At the same time, monies will be derailed from the legitimate elected officials efforts to represent their constituents to support this group of appointees kept on after their terms and answerable to no one.

  7. Ron Paul


    1. caheidelberger

      Once again, Ron Paul backers prove they believe they can make lies true simply by saying them a lot. Trust me: I’m a Democrat. I know Democrats. Dennis Daugaard is no Democrat. Let’s use language as if words mean something, shall we?

      As for Howie: Before the primary, I’d like to see a list of the candidates he recruited. If Ewing and Coe in District 31 are representative of the Howie insurgency, they support my prediction that not one of Howie’s people will win a seat in Pierre. Not one. Howie has no organizational capability. His ongoing bluster about running for Governor again show his narcissistic ignorance of the results of his impotent 2010 campaign.


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