Gosh, I hope he didn’t hurt himself….

From once and future District 3 State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger:

I publish more information and more analysis more regularly and get more people reading and talking about more Legislative topics than any sitting legislator.

Read that here.

Gosh, as he gears up for being beaten in the District 3 State Senate race this next fall, I hope Cory wasn’t injured as he vigorously congratulated himself on his self-announced awesomeness.   (But I don’t think anyone is going to buy his Donald Trump impersonation.)

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  1. Miranda Gohn

    Yeah and since he has been blogging the SDDP registration numbers have been plummeting and Brown County went from Blue to Red.

    At least he can supplement his income by running for office.

    1. Steve Sibson

      His income is supplemented by his wife, who is a Lutheran Pastor. In regard to immigration, Cory has a conflict of interest as LSS has government contracts to place immigrants in South Dakota communities. But Cory does not want to talk about that. He only wants to talk about GOP members who have a conflict on monetary interest.

      He mocks those who come to South Dakota to talk and discuss the Marxist/Muslim joint projects intended to destroy America’s sovereignty. The Marxist movement is funded by globalist George Soros via his so-called Open Society movement. The Muslim plan is being conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood. Cory is working with Muslim Brotherhood activist Taneeza Islam, thus representing a big part of the Marxist/Muslim axis in South Dakota. Again, the South Dakota Lutherans are making big money implementing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Civilizational Jihad that is a precursor to their goal of establishing a global caliphate.

      Cory doesn’t want to talk about those facts, so I am banned from the so-called Dakota Free Press. So yes Pat, you are on solid ground to expose Cory’s BS in regard to open discussion on various topics. Cory cannot tolerate being told he his wrong.

          1. Steve Sibson

            Reading that book now. Minneapolis already has them (Taneeza Islam worked for Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR-MN). Sioux Falls is heading that direction with the help of Taneeza Islam. With the help of Cory, Aberdeen will soon follow.

        1. Anonymous

          That’s the best refutation you can come up with? How brilliant, Ike! If Sibson is wrong about something stated, post it, otherwise you are an ostrich.

          1. Ike

            Seriously? Yeah, no. “Marxist/Muslim axis in South Dakota”… there’s your red flag. Run away! Danger, Will Robinson!!

            1. Steve Sibson

              Thanks for proving my point with the tactic designed to silence critics that is employed in South Dakota by Cory Heidelberger and Taneeza Islam. The last thing the Neo-Marxist Social Justice Warriors and the Muslim Brotherhood Civilizational Jihadi want is an honest and open discussion. So Pat is right on the mark by calling Heidelberger out for making false statements about encouraging reading and talking about topics like the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda in South Dakota. You and Heidelberger instead want to shame us into silence.

              1. KM

                People that aren’t educated on what MBC are really about, generally don’t want to have the conversation. Maybe it’s still too PC for them? I know that LSS keeps hush-hush about what they’re doing. If only people would take time to read some of the Koran, they’d have a different perspective.

                I wanted to send Troy a link to the video of a woman ripping her burqa off when ISiS was driven from Raqqa. For whatever reason, he thinks they want to be covered.

                I’m curious why you think SF is falling before Aberdeen? I thought the other way around. I do know WA High students have a no-go-zone called the “E wing” and if a city has a meat packaging plant many are settled there. So, both cities may fall together.

              2. Ike

                Not trying to silence you there, Chief. Just pointing out that your alt-right buzzword salad makes you sound like a kook.

  2. Anonymous

    Pat, Trump gives a whole lot of credit to others who have done good things. Not much of an impersonation.

  3. Anonymous

    Almost 15,000 posts in 12 years isn’t so surprising; when you have that much mental diarrhea it has to come out or you’re gonna blow!

    If I could buy Hamburglar for what I think of him and sell him for what he thinks of himself I could retire.

  4. Steve Sibson

    KM: Sioux Falls has a Muslim Brotherhood footprint. The Sioux Falls Islamic Center is funded by the North American Islamic Trust, which is under the Muslim Brotherhood front Islamic Society of North America. Taneeza, who is stationed in Sioux Falls, was the youth director of ISNA before she worked for another MB front CAIR-MN. Aberdeen is just starting the process of Civilizational Jihad…Sioux Falls is already at the second stage.

    Ike: Try and dispute the facts I just laid out before you call them a buzzword salad. It makes you look like a kook, who accuses others what he or she is guilty of. While you are at it, dispute the fact that Linda Sarsour issued a Jihad against President Trump while speaking at the latest ISNA conference. (Cory Heidelberger frequently supports the work of former ISNA youth director Taneeza Islam. Thus we have a key component to South Dakota’s Marxist/Muslim axis whose common goal is to dismantle America as a Nation State. And George Soros is pumping billions into this effort through his so-called Open Society Foundation (meaning no borders, no more nation states), including South Dakota’s Indivisible movement who are using a buzzword salad to demonize those who are exposing the agenda. Please show me where I have misstated anything that cannot be easily researched if one is interested in what is really going on in South Dakota politics now a days.)

    1. Ike

      The context of Sarsour’s remarks indicate that she meant a jihad using words. . . . straight from Breitbart, even.

      Besides, I’m not the one making wild claims about my fellow Americans, so the onus of “proof” isn’t on me. I’m merely pointing out that you sound like a kook. The more you babble on, the more “proof” you provide. 😉

      1. Steve Sibson

        “a jihad using words”

        That is what the Muslim Brotherhood calls “Civilizational Jihad” (established Sharia Law). Later the global caliphate will direct the “Holy War” (enforcing Sharia Law), which is what ISIS is doing now. The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS have the same agenda, but they disagree on timing (when and who is the caliphate).

        So, should we allow the Muslim Brotherhood to continue with their agenda in America and/or South Dakota? I have explained this to Cory Heidelberger via email a couple of months ago, and he is continuing to provide support to the Muslim Brotherhood agenda here in South Dakota. Do you agree with his position?

    2. KM

      SS – Please, it would be appreciated if you put more of your research on your blog. I called LSS last year and one statement that was made really gave me chills. Once refugees are settled they are no longer monitored, may it be jobs, travel, schooling ect. We recently had a family move in next door and one reason they left MPLS is because of the Muslim makeover.

      Linda Sarsour is another scary Sharia Law advocate. She once stated that Ayaan Hirsi Ali doesn’t deserve to be a woman and said assimilation is not necessary for Muslims. I think Ike is uneducated and scared to accept that MB hates Western Culture and desires to kill all infidels. Regardless of what he says, families and neighbors are talking about this issue and many support your voice.

      As Tommy Robinson would say…”Coming to a town near you”.

      1. Steve Sibson

        KM, this issue has begun to motivate the time consuming task of updating my blog. Thanks for additional motivation. I have a ton of research that applies directly to what is going on in South Dakota. Incredibly, the Chamber of Commerce is even pushing this agenda in the name of workforce development here in South Dakota.

        I was at the April 9th Christian event in Sioux Falls where the Jihadi showed up. That was a major wake up call.

        1. KM

          Thanks, I’ll continue my daily visit to Sibby Online.

          We’re confused what workforce development is necessary. I guess now that we’re getting Lyft, they’ll need some drivers; much like NYC needed Uber drivers.

          Thankfully someone approached that man who had every intention of taking out infidels. That too was a wake up call for us, so close to home. But it was definitely 9/ll that started us down the path of Islamophobia.

        2. grudznick

          Mr. Sibby, I just want you to know that I am a big fan of your bloggings. One of many, and I hope you really get back at it harder than ever, sir.