Gov. Daugaard Appoints Marli Wiese To District 8 House Seat

Gov. Daugaard Appoints Marli Wiese To District 8 House Seat 

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced today that he will appoint Marli Wiese (WEE’-zee) of Madison to the South Dakota State House of Representatives. Wiese will be sworn in as a state representative on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

“I thank Marli Wiese for agreeing, on short notice, to accept this appointment,” said Gov. Daugaard. “I know she will be an effective advocate for her district and our state.”

Wiese is a lifelong resident of the Madison area. She is a graduate of Madison High School and Nettleton Commercial College. Wiese and her husband, Reggie, have operated their family farm since 1976. The Wieses have three children and ten grandchildren.

“Representing District 8 and South Dakota is an honor,” said Wiese. “I want to Thank Gov. Daugaard for his confidence in me and look forward to beginning my duties in Pierre.”

In addition to operating their farm, Wiese works part-time as a transcriptionist and at her church, West Center Baptist Church. She serves on the board of the Madison Central School Education Foundation, is vice chair of the Lake County Republican Party and is a member of PEO.

Wiese will replace Rep. Mathew Wollman, who resigned from the State House on Monday. Like Wollman, she will represent District 8, which encompasses Lake, Miner, Moody and Sanborn counties.


5 Replies to “Gov. Daugaard Appoints Marli Wiese To District 8 House Seat”

  1. Anonymous

    Still a tragedy that Wollmann is gone if no one is making any allegations. I talked to some people who didn’t know anyone in the situation and they all thought it looked terrible that Wollmann was being forced to resign. Pretty far right people also.

    1. Anonymous

      He admitted to having sex with (at least) two interns during the previous sessions. What more info do you need ?

      1. The Guy from Guernsey

        Yes, why did he resign? The playbook of the Pierre establishment was in place:
        Special legislative oversight committee formed.
        Committee invites pages / interns to come forward to provide information, of the records, sorta’ [wink, wink].
        No one comes forward.
        Committee performs no actual investigative activities.
        Committee issues standard establishment line: “Nothing to see here folks; Move along.” For full benefit they get the wannabe-Governor-who-is-AG to issue these words. It is among his favorite phrases.
        Committee adjourns.

        The fix was in. Why did Wollmann have to mess it up by resigning?